Alpha Test For Doom Multiplayer Begins Soon

by on 07/23/2015

For most people, having access to the multiplayer for Doom won’t be a thing that happens to them until at least 2016. For a fortunate few, 2015 is the year for them.
If you’re currently attending QuakeCon, good news: you’re the first. Doom’s multiplayer mode will go into alpha testing starting today, at special kiosks placed inside the con. Attendees will get to shoot each other like crazy inside the multiplayer maps that have been built so far, and be the first to come home and tell their friends about it.
If you’re not at QuakeCon right now, you still stand a chance as long as you’re a member of the beta pool. Id Software will be drawing randomly from that pool to select their first Doom beta testers. So how does one get inside that elite club?
You have to pre-purchase a different game. If you pre-order another Id game, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and then register the key for that game on the Id website, that will get you in the pool. Mind, this is only if you preordered at a Gamestop or something (unlikely). If you reserved a digital copy, you don’t have to enter a key — you go into the pool automatically.
Id has yet to reveal when the beta will begin, but they have said it won’t be this year. You’ll have quite a while to wait, but it shall be worth it. As long as you also want Wolfenstein.

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