Andrew Lincoln Says The Walking Dead Heads Into The Heart of Darkness in Season Five

by on 09/03/2014

In a new interview, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln warns that the fifth season of the show is “brutal” and more grown-up than past seasons.

“The show is the same story moving forward,” Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly. “But because their leader is incredibly uncompromising, I think he is dragging a lot of those people into a place that is darker, more brutal, and there will be fallout from that. So it feels like it’s a more grown-up show. It fees like we’re heading into the heart of darkness. Brutal is the word for this season. It’s always been pretty intense, but this season I think is very hard hitting. People should be prepared for that, I think.”

Lincoln said the new Rick Grimes has “accepted his brutality as much as his humanity,” and woe to anyone who tries to hurt those Rick cares about or get in his way.

“You stand alongside Rick, you’re family. You stand in opposition to him, you’re a problem,” Lincoln said.

The first episode of season five, “No Sanctuary,” airs Oct. 12 on AMC.

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