Apex Legends Is About To Make Duos Mode Permanent

by on 04/02/2020

Apex Legends is readying another event for next week, and it includes Duos mode…how long will you have to play around with it this time? How about….forever?

Yup, Respawn is respawn-ding to fan demand and putting Duos  on the permanent menu. The mode will come back with the next event starting April 7 and it will be there to stay. So if you want to play with just one friend instead of two, you’ll have the option indefinitely, and it’ll be possible on both World’s Edge and King’s Canyon.

What’s in that update? Well, the next event is called The Old Ways and involves a large congregation of beasts prowling around the Bloodhound Trials area of World Edge. Get rid of ’em for great loot, but beware of rival teams who have been expecting you. There will also be daily challenges themed after the story in The Old Ways digital short (which just came out and is embedded below).

  • New Town Takeover – Bloodhound’s Trials
  • Exclusive Event Prize Track
  • Direct Purchase Shop
    • New Event Limited Cosmetics
    • Return of Legendary Hunt Skins

Who knows — maybe Solos will come back at some point too, perhaps permanently. The Old Ways begins April 2 and runs through April 21.

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