Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition Comes With Everything But The Game

by on 08/05/2016

Amazon is currently taking preorders for a super-dee-duper deluxe Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition. It comes complete with a 14-inch statue, a steelbook case, a cloth poster, a deck of cards, codes for DLC content hidden inside a pigeon messenger tube, and a cloth patch replica from out of the game. Speaking of the game, that’s the one thing you don’t get.
Yup, there’s no game inside this edition. They must have packed so much in they forgot to include it. All in all it costs $130. To be fair, Amazon also sells a version of this package that DOES contain Battlefield 1, it just costs $60 more. However, wouldn’t anyone interested in this deluxe package want the game as well?
We’re not blind to the fact that there could be a market for this — for example, someone who prefers buying their games digitally might appreciate not having to get Battlefield 1 twice just to have all these things. But the type of collector interested in physical items almost always prefers the physical game discs, due to the nature of their obsession.
We’ll see how well it goes over. You can preorder the Collector’s Edition that comes with the game here, and the one that comes without it here.

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