Bungie's New Community Manager Was Hired From Reddit

by on 07/15/2015

Think of all the high-stress jobs most people would say “no, not me” to. President of the United States. Undercover double-agent infiltrating ISIS. Community manager and social media liaison for the developer of Destiny, post-scandal.
One lucky guy just got that third one: Cozmo, founder of the Destiny subreddit. This means he’ll be responsible for engaging with the community and will be the man who has to calm the trolls of the Internet down when Bungie does or says something imbecilic. Not an envious position at all.
You have to wonder what the pay is like. Must be huge.
Cozmo replaces Deej, Bungie’s former community manager. In addition to his regular job, Deej also appeared on Bungie’s preview videos and wrote the Bungie Weekly update summaries. Deej will still be performing some of these duties, just not the ones up front. As he explained, “The fact of the matter is that there are too many of you for me to handle alone. Sure, I have  [community and marketing relations manager Eric Osborne] to lead the way, but we both get pulled behind the scenes more and more to make sure you’re informed about the next evolution that Bungie will be hurling at you. But what about the front lines?”
You can’t blame Deej for seeking out a safer position. Lots of luck, Cozmo, you’re gonna need it.

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