Bungie's New Trademark Hints At Destiny's Future

by on 05/06/2015

On April 28, the US Patent and Trademark Office filed a new logo that appears to be related to Destiny.

bungie the taken king logo 944.0 - Bungie's New Trademark Hints At Destiny's Future

The attorney who filed the trademark was also responsible for filing the two Destiny expansions that exist currently, The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Destiny fans will recognize the scribble below the words as resembling the symbol of the Hive alien race.
It is unknown exactly what the trademark is for. But it’s listed as coming from Bungie and it was filed under these listed categories:
Downloadable video games via the internet and wireless devices; Electronic game software for cellular telephones; Electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; Electronic game software for wireless devices; Game software; Interactive game programs; Interactive video game programs; Video game software
All these keywords point to a myriad of possibilities as they run the spectrum of the industry. Is The Taken King DLC? Is it a console game? A handheld game? A (let’s hope not) phone game? It could be any one of them. And it’s likely they filed that many keywords to keep us from guessing correctly. I doubt it’s a phone game.
Last February Activision announced that Bungie was working on a “major content release” for the fall of 2015. Might this be its name? All will be revealed soon enough.

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