Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Doesn't Work With PS4's Share Play

by on 11/07/2014

Share Play is a new feature introduced in the PS4’s most recent firmware update that lets you share that lets you share a game online with a friend even if they don’t have the game themselves. The idea is you can virtually “hand the controller” to your friend and let them play as if they are in the same room. It’s a system level feature that will work with any game.
But not if the game publisher opts out, as those who tried to share Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 gamers have been finding out. Activision has blocked the feature for the game.
Activision issued a statement explaining its decision:

Delivering a great gaming experience for fans is our top priority. We’re focused on launching Advanced Warfare and ensuring that people have a great time playing it, which our fans seem to be. Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play. Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analyzed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.

Gamers have reported that Call of Duty: Ghosts blocks sharing, too.
So, what do you think? Is this a feature you care about? Do you want Activision to enable it? Discuss on our forums.
[Source: Kotaku]

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