Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pre-Orders Earn a Destiny Bonus

by on 09/02/2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare per-orders through Gamestop can earn you a special goody for Destiny. A retailer specific pre-order bonus that requires you to pre-order a completely separate game is a bit of an absurd line, but fortunately it’s by no means essential and easy to skip.
The bonus is a special armor shader called the Blacksmith Armor Shader. It applies “bullet brass yellow, gun metal gray, and metallic silver” to your character’s armor and is usable at level 20. It seems similar to one of the pre-order bonuses for Advanced Warfare itself, which includes a bullet brass exoskeleton and weapon.
You need to pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at GameStop before Sept. 21 to get the bonus.
[Source: GameStop]

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