Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Will Have More of the 'Sledgehammer Fingerprint'

by on 07/21/2014

Although they told gamers not to expect Dead Space, Sledgehammer Games co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield said Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, would have more of the studio’s specific feel than other recent call Duties.

“We’re inspired by things in the franchise as much as things we’ve done in the past,” says Condrey in a recent interview with GamesMaster Magazine. “That said, you’ll probably feel more of the Sledgehammer fingerprint on this one. Maybe a little more than you have on some recent Call Of Duty games.”

“It’s not deliberately Dead Space,” Schofield said, referring to Sledgehammer’s popular science fiction terror series.

“It’s our style coming out. It’s from hearing the guys [veterans of real life conflict] talk about [war being] ‘scary. We said ‘we can do that!’ But we’ve got ups and downs and dark moments. Places where it’s big war, or small war. the whole idea is to change it up, and keep you going through the game,” he said.

Condrey also said that even though the Advanced Warfare world, dominated as it is by high-tech war and Private Military Contractors, might be dark. don’t expect an amoral protagonist or a nihilistic storyline.

“Really the franchise has always been rooted in the hero’s journey, right?” explains Condrey. “It began in World War II, what many called the Great War. It was a cause that was viewed, generally, as noble. Those are the values that are important to Call Of Duty. there’s still a social responsibility. The opposite of those things, a selfish or self-serving goal, gratuitously violent subject matters… those are areas that I don’t think are in COD’s space. It’s not where the narrative that Glen and I want to deliver exists.”

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