Fear The Walking Dillane: Crazy Nick Arrested After Incident On CBS Lot

by on 05/24/2016

How far off is Frank Dillane, the actor who plays Crazy Nick on Fear The Walking Dead, from his character? No one really knows, but this is one incident I could totally see Nick committing in real life if he existed.

TMZ reports that last Sunday evening, while the rest of the country was watching Nick act freaky on the FTWD season finale, Dillane attempted to get into the CBS backlot by simply walking past security. This is not where Fear The Walking Dead is filmed (nor is it the same state). He got caught immediately, and started arguing with the guards, one of which later described his behavior to the police as “erratic.” We’d also like to report he was covered in zombie blood while he did this, but alas, it is not a detail in the story.

The conflict reached its peak when Dillane actually struck a guard. He was immediately placed under citizen’s arrest and hauled away by local police, where he was booked on battery charges. Given the events of last Sunday’s midseason finale, Crazy Nick not showing up for an episode or two would make sense, but it’s unknown when the season will resume shooting.

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