American Horror Story: Hotel

The Countess Will Return To AHS For Season Six

by Alex Beanon 03/04/2016
The Countess is back. Lady Gaga – not FX – announced that she, or rather, her character, The Countess, will be returning for a sixth season on FX’s “American Horror Story”. Lady Gaga will join the already-confirmed Angela Bassett but Gaga did not provide details on timing or the scope of her role in the […]
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Angela Bassett Confirmed For Next American Horror Story Season

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/12/2016
Last night several media outlets including E! broke the news that Angela Bassett had been confirmed to be starring on the next season of American Horror Story, but the way it was revealed may leave you shaking your head. The reason we know this now is because Ryan Murphy got drunk and slurred it out. […]

Lady Gaga Wins Golden Globe For American Horror Story: Hotel

by Alex Beanon 01/11/2016
Lady Gaga brought home some hardware for “American Horror Story: Hotel”, by winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a limited television series of television movie for her role as The Countess. It was the singer’s first-ever win as she admitted in her acceptance speech that she had always wanted to be an actress […]

Your 2016 Freaky Zombified Midseason Premiere Calendar

by Alex Beanon 12/24/2015
All your favorite television shows involving freaks and zombies are currently on holiday hiatus, but they will resume shortly – specifically, 2016, which is only a little over a week away – for their midseason premieres. To help you keep track for planning your show-themed viewing parties and just plain old garden variety scheduling, here […]

More Please: FX Orders Sixth Season Of American Horror Story

by Alex Beanon 11/10/2015
FX has ordered a sixth season of its popular anthology television series “American Horror Story”. The show gathered five Emmy Awards for its fourth season [“Freak Show”] and ratings are pacing ahead of that season for this year’s series [“Hotel”]. The sixth season of “American Horror Story” has not yet been named and will include […]

American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer – Hallways

by Alex Beanon 09/10/2015
“American Horror Story: Hotel” will be premiering next month on October 7 and AMC has decided it high time you met the residents of the hotel…

Plot Details Of American Horror Story Hotel Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/27/2015
Thanks to a feature story in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, we now know a lot more about Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Hotel than a long list of who’s starring in it. EW published a massive plot dump, which you can read below. Built in 1930 by the rich and charming but deeply psychotic James […]
Mare Winningham photo

Mare Winningham Joins American Horror Story Hotel

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/21/2015
Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly have anyone else left on that list, FX and Ryan Murphy Productions have revealed yet ANOTHER cast member for American Horror Story Hotel. It’s Mare Winningham, star of St. Elmo’s Fire and several Christmases on X-Entertainment back in the day. Winningham is one of the recurring actresses on […]

First Image Of Lady Gaga In American Horror Story: Hotel

by Alex Beanon 08/21/2015
Musical artist-now actress, Lady Gaga is filming for her upcoming role in the first episode of “American Horror Story: Hotel” and the first image of Gaga in character as Elizabeth has been released. The first episode of Season Five – “Checking In” – will premiere on October 7, 2015.

Naomi Campbell Checks Into American Horror Story: Hotel

by Alex Beanon 07/25/2015
Actress/model Naomi Campbell has become the latest celebrity to check into FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” television series for Season Five. The plan is for Campbell to play an overly critical fashion editor who gets her critiquing comeuppance and be paired with Lady Gaga in a multi-episode arc. “American Horror Story: Hotel” is currently scheduled […]