Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
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Black Ops 3's Final DLC Pack Will Be Called "Salvation"

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/25/2016
Today Activision released information on the fourth and final expansion to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. As always we’ve got four new multiplayer maps, and there are some wild ones this time, from a castle to remakes of past favorites, to a picnic table (no really, a picnic table). This is Activision’s official description: […]
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Activision, EA Hint At Big Reveals Coming August 16

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/12/2016
August 17, 2016 is the day the German video game conference Gamescom begins, and one day before then, it looks like every major franchise we currently cover on this site will be releasing new information about sequels, DLC and more. Next Tuesday’s gonna be a busy day. For us at least. For Call of Duty, […]

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Descent Out Today For XBox

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/11/2016
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s third DLC pack, Descent, hits today on XBox One (PS4 players have had it for a month). The pack adds four new multiplayer maps to the game, all of which sound pretty blasted insane — settings include a cryogenic penitentiary, a Viking village and a robot death-match arena, among […]
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Call Of Duty's Zombies Saga Coming To A Conclusion

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/04/2016
Zombies have been a part of Call of Duty DLC for years, but Treyarch senior executive producer Jason Blundell says it’s time to wrap it up. This isn’t the end of zombies appearing in CoD modes altogether, but it is the end of a long-running storyline that began all the way back in 2008 with […]

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Free For A Limited Time

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/04/2016
This weekend, Steam is giving away Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for a limited time. No fooling. However, they MEAN “limited” — the download will cease to work once the weekend ends, until you pay the full price to use it again. The good news is that it’ll be discounted: $30 for the full […]
descent is out for black ops 3 c 349x240 - Descent Is Out For Black Ops 3 -- Check Out The Trailer

Descent Is Out For Black Ops 3 — Check Out The Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/12/2016
Your Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 experience will be refreshed with new content today as Activision and Treyarch add the latest DLC expansion, Descent, to the game. Once applied, you get these four great maps: Empire: Treyarch adapts its Black Ops III movement system to the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II fan favorite […]

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The Nuk3Town Map May Be Hinting At The Next Call Of Duty Game

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/29/2016
Players of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Nuk3town map got a surprise when they booted up the area today: it has changed slightly. Activision is currently hosting a “Nuk3town Weekend,” a three-day-long playlist that includes immense doses of the titular map. This time, however, something new has appeared there: a spaceship. The spaceship appears […]
the zombies come out in this new 349x240 - The Zombies Come Out In This New Black Ops 3 DLC Trailer

The Zombies Come Out In This New Black Ops 3 DLC Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/12/2016
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s next DLC pack, titled Eclipse, comes out later this month (if you’re using a PS4). In addition to four new maps, the next Zombies chapter will also be included, and today Activision released a new trailer showing what you can expect. After the events of the previous chapter (Der […]

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Here's Eclipse: The Second Black Ops 3 Expansion Pack

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/31/2016
Activision said they’d be telling us all about the second Black Ops 3 expansion pack today, and they kept to their word. Here are the four new maps that will be included in Black Ops 3: Eclipse, one of which is a remake of an old-time favorite: ·         Spire: Spire takes Multiplayer combat to a […]
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Tomorrow, We'll Hear About The Second Black Ops 3 Expansion

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/30/2016
It’s been quiet on the Activision front, but very soon we’ll hear something about the second expansion pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Tomorrow, in fact. The official Call of Duty Twitter account confirmed it with this image: The first DLC pack for Black Ops 3, Awakening, landed on Playstation 4 in February […]