Fortnite: Battle Royale
hqdefault 4 349x240 - Fortnite WTF Moments #402

Fortnite WTF Moments #402

by codforumon 07/14/2021
Submit Your Fortnite Moments: Welcome to the new episode​ of Faiz Fortnite Battle Royale WTF Moments #402! In this video, you will witness the new fortnite season 7 wtf moments. Are you excited for lebron james skin in fortnite? If you are, hit that like button for lebron james upcoming nba skin in fortnite […]
fortnite 98045818405094523 349x240 - The BEST Landing Spot in Fortnite! (Overpowered)

The BEST Landing Spot in Fortnite! (Overpowered)

by Eileen Cruzon 03/29/2021
New tips and tricks with bunker chests in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 gameplay.

fortnite performance mode

Fortnite Introduces “Performance Mode” For Older Computers

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/14/2020
What’s the matter, friend? Is Fortnite chugging along on your Commodore 64? There’s good news…Epic has decided to lift the burden off older computers with a new graphics mode that increases the framerate by reducing graphical elements. The mode lowers visual quality to take the load off the CPU and GPU. “For players already on […]
geforce now

Fortnite Returns To iOS Devices Via Loophole

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/11/2020
Is there any chance of Fortnite ever returning to Apple devices? If you had asked us last week, our reply would have been…no? It’s hard to cite a more severe bridge-burning than the one Epic performed on Apple earlier this year, openly defying their rules and then waging an anti-Apple propaganda campaign within Fortnite itself […]

master chief

Halo’s Master Chief Added To Fortnite

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/11/2020
Who’s that green armored figure that just landed on the island? Is he the worst-kept Fortnite secret in months? Yes, as everybody already guessed, Master Chief — the blank helmeted face of the Halo series — is now a skin in Fortnite. And he brought along some wheels…various vehicles from the Halo series, like the […]
fortnite chapter 2

Chapter 2 Of Season 2 Begins In Fortnite

by Peter Paltridgeon 02/20/2020
When did Fortnite launch the second chapter of Season 2? Last night, while you were sleeping…so what’s changed and what’s different? The community has been split into two different factions: the Ghost and the Shadow. You can choose to fight for one side or the other, and they both have hideouts all over the island. […]

birds of prey

Fortnite’s Next Movie Tie-In Is Birds Of Prey

by Peter Paltridgeon 02/06/2020
Many elements work together to keep Fortnite a free game; corporate tie-ins and advertising is one of them. It’s become common for a new movie or anticipated TV show to have items related to its existence temporarily appear in Fortnite — the loudest example was when JJ Abrams appeared on the island to show off […]
twitch rivals streamer bowl

Fortnite Is The Focus Of The Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/22/2020
Who’s ready for the Big Game? Twitch is….but it depends on what Big Game we’re talking about. They’ll be hosting the first ever Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl on Super Bowl weekend…a live tournament, hosted from Miami, featuring some of the most popular Fortnite streamers paired with NFL players. Sixteen different teams will compete from the […]

icon series

Fortnite Announces Icon Series Of Skins

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/15/2020
Those who watch Ninja play Fortnite on his stream have noticed he’s been playing lately with a custom skin that looks like him. As of tomorrow, the Ninja skin will become an official Fortnite product, as part of their new Icon Series of skins. It comes with the following extras: Ninja’s Edge Back Bling, Ninja […]

Fortnite Rings In 2020 With Free Glider

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/02/2020
How does Fortnite celebrate the dawn of a new decade? With a free item declaring the new year. How does one get it? The item is a glider with a big “2020” imprinted across it, and to collect it, you have to participate in a new Winterfest challenge. Head to the Winterfest Lodge and click […]