fear the walking dead kim dickens cliff curtis 349x240 - First Look At Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

First Look At Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/03/2017
Fear The Walking Dead, the RC Cola to The Walking Dead‘s Coke, will once again be offering its substitute flavor this summer to pad the time between TWD seasons. This week the first images from FTWD’s third season were released by AMC and published by Variety. So….Crazy Nick! Luciana! How’s your relationship working out? …..That […]
wirbgcgpcrkr1c4ntolu 349x240 - New Screens And Synopsis From Next Month's Premiere

New Screens And Synopsis From Next Month’s Premiere

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/10/2017
We’ve heard comments from the cast and crew that we’ve finally seen the end of Doormat Rick And The Grovellers. Today AMC confirmed it by releasing the official plot synopsis for Season 7B and three new screenshots. Rick has found a gun now. He has approximately one gun. He’s probably going to need more. He’s […]

000232528 008401800 349x240 - Six New Walking Dead Season 7 Photos Revealed

Six New Walking Dead Season 7 Photos Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/29/2016
Six new stills from the upcoming Walking Dead season have been brought to light by Entertainment Weekly. Let’s examine them and see what we can find…. This is Morgan, who looks to be standing somewhere near the location where we last saw him in Season 6. We’ll see how breaking his “no kill” policy has […]
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First Images From Walking Dead’s Season 7 Opener Tell Us Nothing

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/14/2016
AMC has published the first image from the season premiere episode of The Walking Dead, but if you told me it was a screenshot from last spring’s finale, I would have believed you. This is Negan, performing the rant we’ve already heard. He clearly hasn’t done the deed yet because Lucille is nice and clean. […]

fear the walking dead episode 208 walkers 935 349x240 - First Pics From Fear The Walking Dead Season 2B

First Pics From Fear The Walking Dead Season 2B

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/12/2016
Fear The Walking Dead returns next month, offering more mediocre adventures to chew on while we wait for The Real Zombiebusters to continue. TV Line has published the first still pictures from this new season, and they reveal the writing staff is not walking back on this “split up the family” thing….Crazy Nick is truly […]
Children Walking Dead Cosplay Photo Shoot 349x240 - Not Everyone Is Happy About This Walking Dead Photo Shoot

Not Everyone Is Happy About This Walking Dead Photo Shoot

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/08/2016
A small portrait business called Mother Hubbard Photography recently conducted a photo shoot based on The Walking Dead. The twist: all the characters from the show were played by children below the age of 7. Above and below you see the result. Rick Grimes, Michonne and Carl. Sasha sharing a moment with Abraham, who has […]


AMC Releases Glamour Shot of Lucille

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/29/2016
Today AMC released the promotional image for the season finale of The Walking Dead, which airs this Sunday and includes the debut of a highly anticipated character. Just about every entertainment website has received this image and headlined it with “AMC Releases First Negan Image.” There’s just one problem with that. Do you see Negan […]

Seven New Images From The Midseason Premiere

by Peter Paltridgeon 02/10/2016
Entertainment Weekly has published seven new screenshots from the midseason return episode of The Walking Dead. Behold them below…. “Whaaaat? You don’t think you can TRUST me? Don’t listen to those impostors, I am the REAL Colonel Sanders. It’s Finger, Lickin’, Good.” We now know Daryl returns. He didn’t leave the other two with the […]