Titanfall 2
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This New Titanfall 2 Mode Would Be Great If Not For One Catch

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/22/2016
We have mostly good news today. EA revealed Titanfall 2 will have a special mode called Coliseum that will allow players to enter one-on-one dueling matches with their friends. Is that cool, or what? How could it possibly disappoint? Like this. You can’t actually access the mode by normally playing the game. You can’t even […]
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Titanfall: Frontline Brings The Franchise To Card-Space

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/12/2016
You can take Titanfall on the go this fall, though not really in the manner you’d expect. The titan-focused FPS has been adapted into a digital card game that can be played for free in Titanfall: Frontline, developed by Korean app developer Nexon. Collect and upgrade hundreds of Pilots, Titans and burn cards as you […]

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EA Origin Members Won't Get Titanfall 2 Early

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/05/2016
Electronic Arts’s Origin service is intended to reward diehard fans of EA games with bonuses if they pay the company a little extra. The monthly service includes free monthly games from EA’s catalog, exclusive sales on EA products, and advanced digital copies of every new EA game five days early. Except when it doesn’t.IGN uncovered […]
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Meet The Titanfall 2 Mechs: Legion

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/01/2016
Respawn Entertainment promised yesterday they’d be revealing the remaining three Titans from Titanfall 2 over the next week. It started with a big trailer starring all of them; today Legion is introduced. Legion is armed with the Predator Cannon, a weapon that shoots in two modes: long-range, in which you simply aim and shoot, and […]

watch titanfall 2s trailer of ti 349x240 - Watch Titanfall 2's Trailer Of Titans Today

Watch Titanfall 2's Trailer Of Titans Today

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/31/2016
There are six different Titans in Titanfall 2. So far, Respawn Entertainment has given out details on just three of them. The other three have yet to be revealed in full, but that status is changing very soon. Respawn announced today it’ll be releasing info on Northstar, Legion, and Tone over the next few days, […]
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Activision, EA Hint At Big Reveals Coming August 16

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/12/2016
August 17, 2016 is the day the German video game conference Gamescom begins, and one day before then, it looks like every major franchise we currently cover on this site will be releasing new information about sequels, DLC and more. Next Tuesday’s gonna be a busy day. For us at least. For Call of Duty, […]

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Titanfall 2's Single Player "Not Your Average Corridor FPS"

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/24/2016
The original Titanfall was so focused on multiplayer that it didn’t come with a single-player mode at all. That’ll change with Titanfall 2, which will ship this fall with the series’ first single-player experience. Since no one’s played one before, what can we expect? “It really isn’t your average linear, for lack of a better […]
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E3 2016: Titanfall 2's Ronin Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/15/2016
Electronic Arts’ Titanfall 2 contains six new Titans. EA will be revealing them to us one at a time, starting with Ronin, which was revealed today. In an exclusive trailer published by Gamespot, you can watch the new Titan perform its special moves: Leadwall, Sword Core, Phase Dash, and Sword Block. To see it you’ll […]

e3 2016 titanfall 2s multiplayer 349x240 - E3 2016: Titanfall 2's Multiplayer Trailer

E3 2016: Titanfall 2's Multiplayer Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/12/2016
Electronic Arts’ EA Play event is currently in progress. They gave us the single-player trailer earlier this morning; now it’s time for the multiplayer! According to EA, Titanfall 2 will sport six new Titans, as well as “expanded pilot gameplay, more customization options and a deeper progression system.” They’ve also revealed some of the first […]
e3 2016 ea releases titanfall 2 349x240 - E3 2016: EA Releases Titanfall 2 Details, Trailer

E3 2016: EA Releases Titanfall 2 Details, Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/12/2016
Electronic Arts will be showing off Titanfall 2 during their E3 presentation in a few hours, but they’ve published some new details about the game ahead of time. First off, we’ve got our release date: October 28, 2016. According to EA, Titanfall 2 will sport six new Titans, as well as “expanded pilot gameplay, more […]