Chapter 2 Of Season 2 Begins In Fortnite

by on 02/20/2020

When did Fortnite launch the second chapter of Season 2? Last night, while you were sleeping…so what’s changed and what’s different?

The community has been split into two different factions: the Ghost and the Shadow. You can choose to fight for one side or the other, and they both have hideouts all over the island. Said hideouts are new areas full of secret passages, automatic firing gun turrets and aggressive guards. You’ll want to explore them regardless of the danger, as they yield pretty envious weaponry where you can find it.

With a spy theme comes spy gadgetry! Decoy grenades, proximity mines and disguises can be implemented to get the best of other players. C4, the Minigun, Grapplers and Launch Pads have been unvaulted. And in a pretty awesome nod to a different spy game, you can find a cardboard box and hide in it.

The newest Battle Pass consists of over 100 skins, most of which can be unlocked by completing challenges. There are multiple versions of each skin based on which faction you complete each challenge under. The pass costs 950 V-Bucks…a version that unlocks 25 tiers costs 2,500, but you can GAIN a total of 1,500 V-Bucks if you do the work and complete the pass on your own.

And yes, you did see Deadpool in the new trailer. He’s the new hidden outfit, but the requirements to get him aren’t active yet. Check the Vent area from the main hideout room to find Deadpool’s hidden room, and gain hints on what will be required of you to earn the right of becoming the Merc.

More about Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 as events develop!

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