Charity Auction For Big Blingy Master Chief Helmet

by on 10/28/2015

You could go for Halloween as Master Chief, or if you have the cash, you could go as Liberace dressed as Master Chief. A life-size model of Mr. M.C’s helmet has been studded with expensive crystals, and is now up for auction.
The helmet was created by Taiwanese cosplayer Hsu Chia-Hao and financed by Australian fashion designer Jenny Manik Mercian. If you want to know how such a thing came about, Chia-Hao created a making-of video where he explains the process. He’s made plenty of Master Chief suits before, but none this involved. Mercian has been involved in blinging out other objects in the past, usually for ego-inflated celebrities. The helmet’s got over 25,000 Swarovski crystals on it, making it weigh around 5kg

The helmet is now up for auction on eBay and will close on November 6. Proceeds benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. Halo 5 is more affordable at a $60 base price — it was released yesterday for XBox One and PC.

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