Coalition Discuss Changes To Gears Of War 4 After Beta

by on 07/22/2016

In a post on their blog, The Coalition went into deep detail about what players can expect from Gears Of War 4. Some of which are new experiences, like a two balance setup. One for the average gamer, and one that will be for those who want a more competitive setup.

“Core settings are the bread and butter of the game, aimed at providing the balanced but varied experience you know and love whether you play solo or with friends,” the developer said. “The Competitive category has different settings that have been balanced to take into account the high levels of coordination and skill that come with competitive play, toning down damage and reducing certain factors like Aim Assist to highlight the best from the rest.”

“We found that what the serious competitive players wanted and what the core Gears players wanted were too different to try to make a single tuning set,” he said. “Rather than trying to please everyone and end up pleasing no one, we decided that we would split the tuning into two sets, Core and Competitive. We want Gears fans to be able to play the game that we all know and love while simultaneously ensuring we provide a competitive experience that can stand up to coordinated team based play at the highest level.

“This way, we hope Gears fans will be happy in being able to choose the experience they want to play, and really hone their abilities in an environment that takes more than just individual skill to excel in,” he added. “Players can move between the tuning sets and their skills will still transfer between the two. The less lethal competitive settings mean landing consistent shots, making smart decisions and coordinating as a team become more important, but the fundamentals of the game are still the same. This approach also provides a clear step of progression for players looking to take their skills to the next level.”

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