Coalition Talks Visual Upgrade For Gears 4 Since Beta

by on 07/27/2016

The beta for Gears of War was an opportunity to show off the game to longtime fans and ensure them that Gears of War 4 will be everything they loved and more. But in a string of development blogs, they’ve been stating that the beta isn’t close to the finished product. This includes the graphics, which are still being worked on, including as they note in one blog post, the multiplayer maps:

“Our Beta was at a very early stage of the project for us, and so the visual design of our maps really hadn’t gone through the process of Gearsification – something that’s always been in our plans, just not in time for Beta. We hope the changes we’ve made today are obvious and exciting to fans – but I thought I’d run you through some of the key steps we took in making our maps feel and look quintessentially Gears.

Added that unique architectural feel and detail that defines Gears

Ensured more color & contrast in the lighting to make the maps more visually appealing and original
Made cover more interesting and detailed, including making our maps look more organic based on feedback we had from Beta

Ensured the ground players run and fight on is interesting, detailed and layered

Made materials like metal, concrete, bricks and so forth look distinctive between each other.

Tuned textures to ensure the play space is readable from a visual and gameplay perspective

Those changes, among many others, have made a big difference to each map’s identity and place in the Gearsiverse!”

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