Coalition Talks Weapons Changes In Gears

by on 07/25/2016

As part of their development blog, the team behind Gears of War 4, The Coalition, have given updates and insights as to what is changing in Gears of War. One such thing was tuning the weapons of the game since the beta after E3.

“To highlight some of the bigger changes – the Hammerburst has been changed to be a 3 shot burst weapon (down from 6) and can now beat a Lancer at long range, but requires a patient head at mid-range to have any chance against a Lancer.

The Dropshot explosion radius has been toned down to require more player accuracy, and we’ve added ‘team colors’ to the targeting laser to help you identify a friendly drill from an enemy drill. Based on feedback from our color blind fans, we’re happy to share that we’ve added new Color Blind accessibility options that also apply to the team colors for the targeting laser!

There’s also been some changes to our grenades too. You can now only have one active Frag Grenade tagged to a wall, and the explosion has an increased delay – Frag Tags are now for catching opponents unawares or slowing their advance. An aware player with good reactions can now roll away before the tag goes off.

We’ve also changed the way we treat Smokes since Beta. Smoke Grenades now emit smaller volumes of smoke for a shorter period of time. They’re still thick to help you push a position in combination with the stun, but teams wanting to make a big push on a fortified position will need to throw multiple smokes together to form an effective screen.

We’re still working every day to make further improvements to our tuning and balance to provide the best Gears of War Versus experience possible come release.”

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