Skybound Announces Third Walking Dead Compendium Coming in October

by on 01/14/2015

Skybound Entertainment has announced a third The Walking Dead Compendium, scheduled to hit store shelves in October.

According to this handy chart, the compendium will cover issues 97 through 144. It Begins with the “Something to Fear” storyline and the introduction of Negan and runs to a future unreleased issue. The comic is currently only at issue 136, out today.


Skybound shared the gorgeous artwork for the cover, which in the style of the previous compendiums shows the characters transformed from human to zombie and flipped. There’s some neat attention to detail with Rick now holding up his missing hand on the flipped version. It’s like you could fold them together and they’d face each other.

No price was included in the announcement. The previous compendiums were priced at about $60, but you could get them cheaper than that.

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