Creator Robert Kirkman Says He’s Already Decided How The Walking Dead Will End

by on 09/09/2014

robert kirkman - Creator Robert Kirkman Says He's Already Decided How The Walking Dead Will End

Hopefully, both The Walking Dead Comic and show will run for a good long time, but creator Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly he knows what the last page, and presumably if the show manages to adapt all of the comic the last shot of the show, will be.

“I think (I thought of it) about a year or two ago. From the very beginning I would always plot these big, long overarching stories. So it’d be like, oh, they’re going to get to the prison, then this is going to happen and then that’s going to happen and that’s going to happen. I wouldn’t really map out how many issues those were going to take, but I would always make sure that I had somewhere between two and ten years of story mapped out ahead of me. About a year or two ago, I finally nailed down exactly what I want the ending to be. So now I’ve kind of got two trails of story going in my head. One working to where I’m at very far into the future, and one working from the end backwards. When those two stories meet, then I’ll know exactly how long the story is. I’m rapidly approaching that point,” Kirkman said.

Kirkman said that although he doesn’t know exactly how many more issues of the comic it will take to get to the end, it will be enough to give the show material for many more seasons.

“Luckily, because of the comic book series, this isn’t a show where we’re going to run out of ideas,” says Kirkman. “This isn’t a show where it’s going to be, like, ‘Well, they’re clearly spinning their wheels just to keep the show going.’ It’s much more a matter of: Are we going to have enough seasons to get enough of the comic books into the show? I think that’s more the struggle for us. That’s what we’re hoping to find out in the next few years.”

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