Destiny Releases Its Final Update For PS3 And 360

by on 07/26/2016

Go to your old vinyl collection, pull out The Doors and put on “The End” to set the proper mood for this newspost.
Done it yet? Okay, good. Bungie is releasing its very, very last update for Destiny that affects last-gen consoles. After this, the 360 and PS3 will get no more updates. Online play will still be possible, but those who still haven’t upgraded will miss out on a lot. What’s worse, if you don’t transfer your character to current gen by August 16, the method of cross-gen transfer will be shut down and you’ll have to transfer your entire account instead.
The barrier to entry for the current generation has never been lower; perhaps you heard about Microsoft clearing out the original XBox One model for just $249. That would get you back on Destiny as cheaply as possible. Or just become a PC gamer.
Anyway, here are the contents of Destiny’s final last-gen patch. This is the end, my friend.

  • Fixed an issue where Solar-based Damage-Over-Time (DoT) effects were dealing half their intended damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Intellect stat was not generating the correct amount of Super energy
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Electrostatic Mind perk removed the Super regeneration provided by the Intellect stat


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Apotheosis Veil helmet from being accessible in the Exotic Armor Blueprints kiosk


  • Fixed an issue that could cause weekly activities from ending earlier than the weekly reset
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Legendary Marks from being granted when finishing the “Paradox” and “Lost to Light” missions when they are the featured Daily Story Mission
  • Fixed an issue where players with a full Postmaster inventory did not receive the Moments of Triumph book
    • Players who did not receive their Moments of Triumph book can now find it in the Postmaster
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