Details of Battlefield Hardline's First DLC

by on 05/09/2015

The Battlefield series is not as popular as other such games in its genre, but if you’re in the minority who enjoys it, you’ll want to hear this: the game’s multiplayer producer, Zach Mumbach, has revealed new details about Battlefield: Hardline’s first DLC pack, Criminal Activity.
As per the usual, the DLC will add four new multiplayer maps. Two will take place in California, the other two in Florida. The new maps will also have stronger visual cues to indicate what is destructible vs. what is not. There will also be new vehicles included, but still no planes. “I just don’t see how to work [planes] into the fiction of what we’re doing,” he said.
Mumbach also said he desired to add some kind of program where people who have not purchased a Premium pass can still try some of the DLC for free before buying it. Due to technical and policy issues, however, he can’t promise the idea will ever make it past the concept stage.
Battlefield: Hardline will have four DLC releases in all: Criminal Activity will be followed by Robbery in the summer of 2015, Getaway in the fall, and finally Betrayal in early 2016. All of them can be bought in advance for $50, or purchased individually for an unannounced price (but there’s no way it’s not $15).

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