Details About Two Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Levels Shown Behind Closed Doors at E3

by on 06/14/2014

In addition to “Induction,” the Seoul level we all saw at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Sledgehammer also showed games journalists two other levels from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at E3. Retreat now if you want to remain unspoiled.
According to GameSpot, the levels varied in tone. After showing the first blast-happy Seoul level, Sledgehammer slowed things down considerably with a stealthy level set in a dark forest, with moonlit trees and creepy fog. The characters start without weapons, and must avoid mech suits and scanning beams.
“I’m pretty sure they went a good 15 minutes without firing a single gun,” GameSpot writer Shaun McInnis wrote.
According to a video overview from IGN, however, that level eventually gets very hectic, and ends with the player in control of a giant missile-shooting hover-tank.
The third level is set on The Golden Gate Bridge and begins with high-speed car chase, then using the jump jets in your exo-suit to get through stopped traffic. It’s a good chance to show off the mobility of the suit, according to IGN. The level involves drones destroying the bridge, giving you your big Call of Duty spectacle early in the game.

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