Did Fear The Walking Dead Steal A Bit From Kirkman’s Comics?

by on 05/10/2016

Last Sunday’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead had a scene that a lot of viewers recognized. The climactic moment of “Captive” concerned Madison disguising a zombie as a hostage by draping a hood over him. She got her husband back and the bad guys got their arms chewed off. In the original Walking Dead comic book, something very similar happened: Negan tricks Alexandria by sending back one of their citizens in zombie form, who then bites Denise.

Entertainment Weekly asked showrunner Dave Erickson if this scene was meant to be a homage to the comic. According to Erickson…..no, it was actually a complete coincidence.

It’s just a similarity because I missed that issue,” confesses Erickson. “None of my EP partners mentioned that, so it is a coincidence. I guess it’s tricky when you’ve written as many issues as Robert has, I guess it’s inevitable that there’s going to be moments when we echo something from the comic book, but it was not intentional, but if people want to take it as a homage, all the better.”

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