The Division's Public Test Server Launches In Five days

by on 09/20/2016

Ubisoft is finally ready to push the “ON” button to that big public test server they promised you. It’s the opinion of many that Ubisoft should have tried this from Day One, but better late than never.
Here’s how it’ll work: you’ll need the PC version of The Division to test at all (will the testing count for both consoles and PCs? I hope so). You’ll be using your same account and the same character, however the test requires downloading a different version of the game and nothing you do within it will affect your progress in the retail version.
Two days before Ubisoft launches the test server, they’ll launch the server’s public forum. This is your direct line to Ubisoft and your way to squash all the bugs you run into (and there will assuredly be bugs).
Ubisoft hopes they can eventually iron out enough bugs from The Division that they won’t need the public test server at all. “We will keep the PTS open for as long as needed in order to get as much feedback as possible,” they say. “However, once we’ve gathered enough feedback, the PTS will close and only reopen when we have new things we would like to test.”

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