DLC Currently Unplayable In PS4 Version of Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition

by on 06/26/2015

There seems to be an issue with Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition on PS4. To clarify, the regular version of Battlefield Hardline works just fine. So do versions for other consoles and hardware. It’s the Ultimate Edition, and specifically the one for PS4, that has a major problem at the moment. That problem is that the DLC content in the game can’t currently be played.
This is an embarrassing problem because Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition is the most expensive version of the game there is, priced out at twice the cost of the base game ($119.99). It’s got Battlefield Hardline Premium, which is $49.99 on its own and offers two weeks of exclusive access to all four of the game’s expansion packs. The Ultimate Edition also comes with 25 “Battlepacks,” packages of items and boosts in the game.
If you blew that much on Battlefield Hardline, you’d demand your money’s worth and then some. Which is what an anonymous user did on the official Battlefield forums. This is how the company became aware of the bug, and Zach Mumback responded with an apology and assurance that the issue would be looked into.
As of this moment, the bug remains, and if you blow over $100 on Battlefield, you’re outta luck. Stay tuned for news of a fix whenever it arrives.

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