I Don't Play Halo, But The Recent Trailers Makes Me Want To Play Halo 5

by on 04/13/2015

I like to think of myself as a pretty diverse gamer, by that I mean I play a lot of different gaming genres. I’ve played shooters, RPG’s, platformers, action-adventure titles, puzzle games, racers, and more. I think that’s part of the reason I like gaming, there’s a lot to do and experience. I’m also the kind of gamer that is open to new experiences when they intrigue me.
For me personally, I have literally stumbled into buying games based on trailers alone. In fact, two of my all time favorite games were done in just that way. One I saw on TV via a commercial, and the other was on a demo console at a electronics store. Those trailers were so epic to me that I wanted to play the games. And I did. And I loved them.
I had that experience recently too with a game that’s coming out soon, Halo 5: Guardians. I’ll admit, I’ve only played one game in the Halo lineup, and I know for a fact that the one I played was the worst in the linup, ODST. Funnily enough, I was with friends when we played it, so we’d alternate levels, and I also got the exploration levels while they got the combat ones. Not fun.
Anyway, the recent Halo 5 trailers gave me pause to possibly try and pick up Halo again. Mainly because they told two compelling stories via two different commercials, in less than a minute. That’s hard to do.
Hearing Spartan Locke as he approached Master Chief, who was shot and near death, and talk about how Master Chief had betrayed everyone, hearing the hurt in his voice, that was deep. “All hail the conquering hero”, you could hear the sarcasm and hate in his voice when he said that.

Then, you had the reverse with Master Chief, with him almost being sad as he asked Spartan Locke, “Was it worth it?” Noting how Locke had compromised so much to do his “mission”, and that it was about to end by Chief’s hands, all the while that Master Chief’s was just about to begin.

It’s the subtle differences between the two commercials that made this so compelling for me. They had similar beats to be sure, but Chief and Locke spoke in different tones, noted different things that’ll no doubt be a huge part of the Halo 5: Guardians story.
What these trailers did was truly build up a mystery about the game. Which one is telling the truth? What world are we on that this destruction occurred? What mission was Chief talking about? Why does Locke think he needs to “save us” from Chief? What is the truth here?
Those mysteries resonate with me, as it speaks to a deep story that sounds like fun to watch unfold. I can’t guarantee you I’ll play Halo 5, but I’m sorely tempted to get it.

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