E3 2016: The XBox One Slims Down

by on 06/12/2016

Thanks to NeoGAF we have the first “accidental” leak of the impending existence of the XBox Slim. It’s been long rumored that both Microsoft and Sony are about to issue redesigned consoles. Now in Microsoft’s case, we know for sure.
8XK4z8S - E3 2016: The XBox One Slims Down
Keep in mind: this is not the upgraded XBox One.5 that’s attracting all the speculation, though it does sport some improvements over the original Xbone model. According to early reports, the XBox One Slim is capable of outputting 4K video and has a 2TB hard drive inside. It’s also 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. Now the question is how much it can really sell if most hardcore gamers already know there’s a much more powerful model coming in 2017.
Microsoft’s press conference is tomorrow morning at 9:30 Pacific, 12:30 Eastern. We’re likely to get confirmation and a bit more info on the XBox One Slim there.

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