EA Origin Members Won't Get Titanfall 2 Early

by on 09/05/2016

Electronic Arts’s Origin service is intended to reward diehard fans of EA games with bonuses if they pay the company a little extra. The monthly service includes free monthly games from EA’s catalog, exclusive sales on EA products, and advanced digital copies of every new EA game five days early. Except when it doesn’t.
IGN uncovered evidence today that the upcoming Titanfall 2 will be exempt from the Origin benefits — meaning no one will get it five days early and it will NOT be discounted for Origin members. Developer Respawn Entertaiment says the game could become part of Origin in the future, but it will not be at launch.
This seems…nearsighted. A service like Origin is a hard sell as it is, since most gamers can live without it. If the company that provides it can decide at any time “nah, we don’t feel like giving you that thing we promised you,” what little interest there is will inevitably decrease further.
There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why Titanfall 2 is being withheld, but EA has not released a statement on the matter. Caveat Emptor.

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