Epic Announces Fortnite Darkfire Bundle

by on 09/06/2019

Have you ever noticed that retail stores seem to be selling Fortnite as a physical product? And that weirder still, bundles exist for every console that include Fortnite pre-installed as the main attraction? Don’t people know that the game can simply be added to any console free of charge, right out of the box?

Not really. The reason these products exist is because there’s demand for them. There are a LOT of clueless parents out there who will part with their cash. Before these boxes and bundles existed, one of GameStop’s most common requests was “I wanna get my son that new Fork Knife thing.” Due to its constantly changing nature, Fortnite can’t be published as a physical product even IF paying cash-money for a free-to-play vidya game made sense. So what’s in these boxes anyway?

Just selling the game would be a grift, so the boxes and bundles contain exclusive DLC content. This content is offered at a deep discount from how much it would cost to be purchased separately, so…buying them DOES have a technical point. Epic Games announced today their latest, the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle, will be sold this holiday season in cooperation with Warner Bros.

The Darkfire Bundle includes three new Legendary skins, three Legendary dual-wield pickaxes, three Legendary Back Blings, three Epic Wraps, and one new emote. That makes 13 items, altogether equalling $80 MSRP, but here offered for $29.99 (and possibly less if you catch a sale).

This bundle will be offered “physically” November 5 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and XBox One…you can also get the Darkfire Bundle for PC at the same price, but it’ll be strictly digital.

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