Walking Dead Characters Get A-Dorbz

by on 11/09/2015

There are plenty of figures out there to collect based on The Walking Dead, but few this adorable. Or adorbs. Or a-Dorbz. “Dorbz” is the brand name of Funko’s new line of chibi figures, and they’ve Dorbz-ified Rick, Daryl and Michonne for your purchasing pleasure….

twd-dorbz1 twd-dorbz2 twd-dorbz3

You can make anything cute by enlarging the head and making the face tiny. Well….almost anything….


At least they tried.

There’s no Glenn figure, so make of that what you will. (Yikes, what if THIS is supposed to be Glenn?)

On the same day Funko unveiled the Walking Dead Dorbz, they also revealed three other Dorbz figures based on the TV show Supernatural. Sam, Dean and Castiel have all gotten Dorbzy:

supernatural-dorbz1 supernatural-dorbz2 supernatural-dorbz3

Both the Walking Dead and the Supernatural Dorbz come out next January.

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