Fortnite’s Moisty Mire Moistly Returns

by on 09/11/2019

Fortnite used to have a place on its map called Moisty Mire, until it was developed and turned into Paradise Palms. With Patch v10.30, Moisty Mire is mostly (moisty) back to its original form, but it still has some of the buildings it gained as Paradise Palms. In fact, the place is now called “Moisty Palms.”

The area’s transformation has given it a….special property. Crouch while in Moisty Palms, and you’ll turn into a prop (any random item in the game). Push the Fire button, and you’ll change back. The ambush possibilities are obvious, but anyone who enters Moisty Palms and sees a ton of props lying around is going to be suspicious.

Greasy Grove is also back, and its new properties are even more bizarre….it rains tacos there now, and whenever it rains tacos the players in the vicinity start dancing and regenerating their health. OK.

Epic’s full patch notes are below.


Fortnite patch v10.30 notes

Weapons and Items


  • Burst SMG


  • Tactical SMG (Also: now available in Playground!)

Bug Fixes

  • Players impulsed by a Shockwave Grenade will no longer destroy a nearby trap without first destroying the building piece it is attached to.
  • The Zapper Trap’s info card now shows the appropriate 4 stars (indicating Epic Rarity) rather than 2 (indicating Uncommon Rarity).
  • Resolved an issue in which the Zapper Trap would not build properly when thrown on slopes or uneven terrain.
  • B.R.U.T.E.s will now be launched away if they touch the Floating Island’s Cube.
  • The B.R.U.T.E.’s Stomp attacks now deal consistent damage to other vehicles.
  • Previously, they would deal either double or triple damage to other vehicles.
  • The color of the B.R.U.T.E.’s cooldown meter now updates properly to correspond with the cooldown value.


Moisty Palms

The Rift Beacon at Paradise Palms has created this new POI! In addition to its swampy nature, this Rift Zone is known for being a good place to keep a low profile.

  • While in the Rift Zone, crouching will disguise players as a random prop. They can exit the prop state by using the Primary Fire button.

Players are still able to take damage while in prop form.

  • ADS lets players lock in place and look around for unsuspecting victims.

Greasy Grove

A Rift Zone has brought back Greasy Grove! But this time, Durrr Burger is out, and Tacos are in!

  • Periodically, Spicy Tacos will rain down from the sky. Their smell is so overwhelmingly appetizing that players in the Zone can’t help but dance!

While dancing, players are invulnerable to damage from others and will regenerate health at 20 HP per second.

Dancing does not block Storm Damage or regenerate Health in the Storm.

  • Spicy Tacos can be consumed for 10 Effective Health (sum of a player’s Health + Shield) and a temporary increase in movement speed (40% increase for 20 seconds).

The Spicy Tacos don’t last long — grab them before they expire!

Community Choice

  • Players will get to vote on what’s featured in the Item Shop!
  • The first community vote starts this week. For more information about Community Choice, check out our blog post

Bug Fixes

  • POIs no longer load at different distances depending on the angle of approach.
  • Resolved an issue in which players would enter edit mode for a building piece that their reticle was not on.
  • Reviving a squadmate no longer causes the reviver to get disconnected.

Limited Time Modes

Knock Town

Team Type: Solo | Respawning: On

Created by AlanShinohara. Knock Town was a top 3 contender for the LTM Creator Contest!

Use the grappler to jump around and dodge shots as you one-tap enemies in the air with the Flint-Knock Pistol. The player with the most eliminations at the end of the match wins!


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which players were able to damage each other on the Playground Hub.


  • Improved the performance of Shield Bubble collisions.

Art and Animation

When players’ characters are near a wall, they will lower their weapon while in their idle pose.

  • This is to reduce instances in which the hands of players’ characters appear through walls.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the lace color of the Jets 2019 – 2020 NFL Outfit from white to green to accurately match the real uniforms.
  • The Flowerprint wrap no longer appears incorrectly on assault and sniper rifles.
  • Damaging a tree no longer places a rock texture on its leaves or causes its wood texture to become transparent.


Lowered the volume of the open and close sounds of teammates’ Gliders by 50 percent

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which the Battle Bus’ audio would be silent for a short period of time.


Bug Fixes

  • Sending feedback during a replay no longer causes players to get stuck in the Player Reporting or Feedback menu.
  • Eliminating another player using a Junk Rift Triceratops will now indicate that they were sent to the Cretaceous period in the elimination feed.

Previously, the elimination feed would say that they were sent to the Jurassic period, but Triceratops only existed during the Cretaceous period. We apologize for this Tyrannosaurus Wreck of an oversight.


  • Resolved an issue in which mouse controls would not function properly in some replays.
  • Going near ammo no longer causes the “Can’t hold more of this item!” message to appear when this action is shown in replays.


New Settings

Building and Editing

  • Players can now adjust the touch sensitivity settings for both building and editing.

Toggle Targeting

  • Sets targeting to be an on/off toggle or a hold.

Turning this setting off will require players to hold the ADS to aim.

The setting is turned on by default.

  • Toggle Aim setting now includes touch as well as controllers on mobile.

Edit Confirm on Release

  • This setting will allow players to confirm an edit anytime they release their edit selection.

Touch Acceleration multiplier

  • A value of 1 will have full touch look acceleration, and a value of 0 will have no touch look acceleration.
  • This is is not synonymous with sensitivity. Lower values do not necessarily translate to slower look speeds.

New Button

Edit Select Reset button

  • This button is located in the HUD Layout Tool.
  • This will reset the edit state of build pieces upon opening them for editing.

Added 60 FPS support to the iPhone X.

Updated autofire reticle to increase visibility when against high value surfaces.

Autofire adjustments to Drum and Tactical Shotgun.

Reduced max autofire range to match effective range of projectiles.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which weapons would fire automatically after placing a trap.
  • Vending Machines no longer give the incorrect item when using touch input.

Known issue: Players using the dedicated pickup button may still receive the wrong item. We are working to resolve this.

  • Team Elimination count will show the accurate amount of eliminations.
  • Fixed an unopenable chest located northeast of the frozen lake in Greasy Grove.
  • Corrected mislabeled B.R.U.T.E. buttons on the HUD.
  • Emoting while driving a B.R.U.T.E. won’t mute all sounds and will not lead to a crash.
  • Closing the Settings menu while still scrolling won’t make it impossible to scroll again when reopening it.
  • Maximum Audio Volume achievable on Android is higher.
  • SFX will now play when shots are fired from the Storm Sniper, Green Assault Rifle, Silenced Pistol, and Hand Cannon.
  • Quick Heal button won’t persist after using the last healing item while in the Storm. It also won’t disappear upon entering the Storm.
  • Low-end devices can see the writing on World Cup trophies.
  • Fire Mode screen will not display pink tiles on Android.
  • In Team Rumble, quick slot input won’t be blocked by the Goal and Elimination counters.
  • We’ve made some graphical and audio improvements for the following:

Battle Bus

Synapse Outfit

B.R.U.T.E. Navigator Outfit

Glow Stick Harvesting Tool

Renegade Roller Harvesting Tool

Axeroni Harvesting Tool

Sparkle Supreme Outfit

Laser Pick Harvesting Tool

Lollipopper Harvesting Tool

Star-Spangled Ranger Outfit

Freestyle Outfit during Emote animations

Rift Edge Harvesting Tool

Shifu Outfit

Dynamo Outfit

The AC/DC Harvesting Tool will play the proper SFX in the Locker.

Detonator Backbling will now show on players when equipped.

Mauler Pickaxe will show swing trail.

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