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  1. Light
  2. Mrbeast6000
    I hacked mr beast account lmfao
  3. surviving
    Is there anybody out there
  4. juliafrod
  5. rick grimessesss
    rick grimessesss
  6. rick grimessesss
    rick grimessesss
  7. levy28091999
    Hello, how are you today!
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  8. ShaneFan
    ShaneFan PepperAnn
    Hi PepperAnn, I heard about Texas. I hope you're safe.
    1. PepperAnn
      Thank you honey! Or was crazy. I still have no water. How are you doing???
      Feb 22, 2021
  9. Raga
    Who didn't like Daryl during initial episodes and started growing so fond of him as seasons go by????
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    2. Virginia Blake
      Virginia Blake
      I liked Daryl right from the beginning. I Can identify with the underdog.
      May 11, 2020
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  10. Raga
    Who did binge watching of the walking dead series during this lockdown....?hmm...I did!!
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    2. Virginia Blake
      Virginia Blake
      I haven't binge watched TWD. I've found other things to watch for now. Funny how the term lockdown also applies to inmates. LOL
      May 11, 2020
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  11. Virginia Blake
    Virginia Blake
    retired Mental Health Porfessional
  12. Rapscallion
    Everyone stay healthy and stay quarantined from the Coronavirus.
  13. BetaGirl44
    I am not new here, just forgot my username/email to other account ..
    1. PepperAnn
      Who were you before? Welcome back!
      Mar 17, 2020
  14. BatmansHooker
    I'm constantly surprised that this forum is alive. Honestly, good job to us!
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    2. Kmus
      This is my first time back in years and I'm glad to see a familiar face with a somewhat recent post. What a wild ride it was. Have you kept up to date with the show? All the best!
      Mar 9, 2020
  15. Rapscallion
    I'm hoping that Caryl finally goes official.
  16. Rapscallion
    I'm still hoping that Caryl finally goes official.
  17. mistertrouble189
    “Of course it was them, we’re at WAR!”
  18. rabscuttle1
    rabscuttle1 PepperAnn
    How's it going?
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    3. PepperAnn
      Are you watching Fear? *puke face* God it was so good at the beginning. Now it's just shit.
      Aug 27, 2019
    4. rabscuttle1
      Yeah I watch it some, though I'm not into it like TWD.
      Aug 31, 2019
    5. PepperAnn
      We watch it now just to make fun of it. Lol
      Sep 1, 2019
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  19. mistertrouble189
    Silence the Whispers
  20. PepperAnn
    Hope for the best with FTWD. :P
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