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Bullet Magnet
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May 28, 2016 at 8:43 AM
Nov 14, 2012
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Bullet Magnet

Well-Known Member, Male, from Wi...U.S.A

Bullet Magnet was last seen:
May 28, 2016
    1. A.C
      How you doing dude?

      Been a while - not playing Ghosts?
    2. A.C
      Thanks for the rep - your rep along with a few others on the forum has just taken off! Amazing LOL.

      As for the IP - not sure. But if I'm being doubly affected by BLOPS/Treyarch lag & my IP sluggishness, it could explain why my performances are tumbling at a frightening rate. Bad times :(

      What's good with you any how? How you been?
    3. Bullet Magnet
      Bullet Magnet
      well i dont know what your IP is doing but there has been some talk. I dont have those connectivity issues with my computer at all. or at least not anything ive noticed. but there has been changes to the game and I have noticed a difference. i dont know if id call it lag like we have been experiencing previously but it seems to have disturbed the pace of the game a bit. i think they may have altered the matchmaking check down list. but thats just me... i have no proof
    4. A.C
      I dunno dude - I don't think it's a COD/BLOPS/PSN issue in my case - I think it's my own internet service, as my mobile (cell phone), lap-top and ipad suffer from poor connectivity also.. So not sure how much of the problem relates to BLOPS and TreyArch
    5. Bullet Magnet
      Bullet Magnet
      actually yo uarent the only one... many people have noticed a difference since the last patch.....thursday is the next map pack maybe there will be a fix in there.
    6. A.C
      P.S We'll definitely get on together soon.. Confidence has just taken a hit as a result of the poor performances lately.
    7. A.C
      I've been sucking bad recently.. kinda lost love for the game as a result. I'm not a whiner - but I'm convinced that I've got subtle connection issues which make the game playable (i.e screen and frame-rate is not jumping all over the place) but far from enjoyable. I still keep playing though, in an attempt to rectify the statistical damage but its been in vain - I had a good session last night after a long time; still not my usual standards but I got a sense that my play was dictating game flow/direction which is usually an indicator that I'm concentrating on spawn points, team-positioning, flag caps, aiming well and winning gun-fights. Ditched the FAL lately. :(
    8. A.C
      Hardcore Dom!! When did that get included?
    9. Sulq
      Not sure, it was funny to me though lol
    10. Sulq
      Mister Goody Two Shoes, lol
    11. spes_one
      Thanks man. Copied it from you tube, although I made some changes.
    12. Wartyger
      I thought I would return the favour. Enjoy your gold star...
    13. Pirated
      Your recent visitors box is colorful.
    14. Wartyger
      Thank you for my gold star. I was a good little boy. I'm popular!! WOOT!!
    15. ImUndeadd
      i love you
    16. Sulq
      Look at you all fancy now! :)
    17. Team Daryl
      Team Daryl
      I'll watch it when I get home. What is it?
    18. Team Daryl
      Team Daryl
      haha i had fun also. We'll get you use to the maps. We had to back out though without you on your MIC. But if you want I'll be down for a game or a few if you'd like
    19. A.C
      P.S You stuck me with a semtex on Yemen

      Damn you! :D
    20. A.C
      My bad dude. :D

      I don't specifically come looking for you - I think I end up bumping into you, because I'm always looking to flank and go for the enemys home flag. You'll probably find me on my own a lot of the time - you may notice this when we're team mates too - I always seem to be the lone wolf in the enemy spawn, while you lot are working on B... Then you hear me shout "Good work on B guys, I'm working C - need a hand" etc. etc.

      As for the Warthog... If I remember correctly, we were losing at the end of the first round.. so I thought save it and call it in at the start of the second round along with the VSAT, before you guys got on B and took the game away from us(I had to keep telling my team to cap flags - some of them weren't even capping flags).

      If you'd rather not lobby with me dude, I don't mind bud. :)

      It was a good but brief session nevertheless.

      For the record, I love playing with you. :D
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