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The Professor
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Feb 21, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Nov 21, 2011
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The Professor


The Professor was last seen:
Feb 21, 2013
    1. TeX
    2. BovBox
      Hey i was wondering when the Updated staff list will be uploaded.
    3. boastr
      Hey trey
      i was going to put this on bugs but it isn't much of a bug but the gamma levels of the game or brightness damaged my monitor. after playing h1z1 for a couple hours i climbed a mountain near cranberry and look the toward the direction of the sun. slowly my monitor slowly turned a reddish color on on side of my screen i thought it was something in game so i ignored it at first but when i left the game it was still there sadly now i'm out at about $150 due to this issue. ( the type of monitor = ASUS VS228H-P - 21.5" LED-Backlit LCD Monitor)[IMG][/IMG] asus well be replacing my monitor
    4. TeX
    5. Fuzzyy
      Hi Trey! You should add a post title for cheaters ban requests.
    6. SkyRapier
      where do i submit a ticket?
    7. João
      What's up man.
    8. parcabral
      Hi there,
      Just a quick question, so there is no way to host or rent a private server ?

      Regards, Paul.
    9. Phoenix0nFire
      Hey man, thought i'd just add to my PM, would be some nice extra publicity for the game as a few members of my clan will be streaming the game from launch directly onto our websites hompage, would be nice to have our own section on the forums to highlight this to the rest of the community. We are also working hard to band some great H1Z1 guilds together to get an awesome community going both in server and out of them. Th, Phoenix0nfire
    10. Duke2004
      H1Z1 Forum is now offering clans/guilds to have their own board sections.

      Im PMing you mate. i run
    11. robtrik
      hello Trey,

      Im the owner of a fast growing website called its a place where people can share there gameplay and media of the game. I was wondering if you wanna do a partnership. I was thinking i could your sites link on mine in the nav-bar.

      Please reply if your interested.

      My email:
    12. Duke2004
      Duke from the warrior here looking to get a section sorted for my clan.
    13. Jason H1Z1
      Jason H1Z1
      Never got a reply to my PM. Not interested?
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