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Batman 2022

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Morgotha, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. Morgotha

    Morgotha Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2012
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    This is a three hour long movie, and definitely the oddest Batman I've ever seen. The odd part? If you took Batman out of the movie completely the movie would have been the same. For example, what would have changed if you replaced Batman with Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry, or Bruce Willis from Die Hard? Nothing. The villain didn't have any super gizmos, but just killed a few bad guys to expose a corruption scheme. For three hours.

    And there was oddness in the movie, as well. The start of the movie has Batman narrating that criminals are afraid he'll be in the shadows waiting for them, and shows a couple criminals committing crimes, one guy robbing a liquor store, some people defacing a bank, and a group of thugs about to mug a guy on a train. AFTER committing their crimes, the first two fearfully look in the shadows and run away - but they weren't deterred from committing their crimes. On the third, the gang assaulting an innocent commuter, Batman DOES show up and the gang sees him and says, "who are you?" What? They didn't even know who he was! Oi.

    LOL, the other funny thing was that the cashier in the liquor store being robbed sounded like Apu from the Simpsons, and one sort of thinks, "well, they aren't trying to avoid any stereotypes here". The movie then tried to make up for its tone-deaf stance though by having Catwoman make some speech about how she was committing crimes against "rich old White men" who deserved it. Oi.

    Hee Hee, Catwoman outdid that at the end of the movie, though. Earlier we see her in her apartment with Batman watching her change clothes through binoculars like McFly in Back to the Furure, and think "great, now Batman is a peeping tom", but the point of seeing her in her underwear is that she has a lot of cats in her apartment. She's Catwoman! O.k., so how does this relate to the end of the movie? Well, the movie ends with her and Batman visiting her mother's grave and they both drove their motorcycles right on to her mausoleum (as opposed to, you know, being somewhat respectful and leaving them on the nearby road and *walking* a few steps to the mausoleum) eh, anyway as she's about to ride away in to the sunset, she has ONE cat with her on the motorcycle. What happened to all her other cats? DId she have them taken to the pound to be put to sleep? Not a very concerned mom, our Catwoman.

    Oh, and one good, or bad, thing depending on your POV, the villain had a secondary goal after exposing the corruption ring which was blowing up the dike that apparently runs around Gotham City, which would flood it and do untold billions' of dollars worth of damage to the city. The thing is, he was actually *successful* as a villain, both in this primary goal of exposing the corruption syndicate, and in his secondary "let's flood the city" plan! I've never seen Batman movie where the villain actually did what he set out to, and Batman couldn't stop him. Having the villain accomplish all their goals... doesn't really seem like the point of a superhero movie. If it was retitled "The Riddler" the movie would have made more sense. It's also kind of bizarre that the villain's primary goal of exposing corruption would... help the city? Eh, best not to think about it too much.

    Anyway, it's very long, and doesn't make a ton of sense as a Batman movie. But if the movie editor hadn't been one of the Riddler's first victims it could have been a fair crime/corruption movie.
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  2. Stealth

    Stealth Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2013
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    All of the reviews for this Batman film were glowing so I went into it with higher expectations. Those expectations though weren't met.

    Usually the plots of superhero style films are not the strongest. I thought they did a good job of constructing a story that had the feel of a good mystery/crime film. They had some well written twists too.

    Some of the casting was off. I felt that Catwoman was badly miscast. Robert Pattinson, who is a good actor, was just mediocre in the role as Batman. He certainly did not have the same strong presence as Christian Bale in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Alfred was just mediocre too.

    I thought they did their best job with the villains. The Riddler was creepy and unsettling. John Turturro was excellent as Carmine Falcone. I kept wanting to see more of his scenes.

    Also this film sort of felt like a vehicle for the "Rise of the Penguin," who will now fill in for Falcone. I thought Colin Farrell did a great job in the role. It didn't even look like him.

    The only one of the "heroes" in the film that was any good, was the actor playing Commissioner Gordon.

    Ultimately though I think the movie fell short due to Pattinson. If you had a more compelling Batman it wouldn't have made the film feel so long.

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