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Black Ops 2 Zombies Buried is my favorite map

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' started by Nin10gamer, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Nin10gamer

    Nin10gamer New Member

    Aug 24, 2013
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    I don't play zombies that often but I've noticed that I've been playing more with Buried. There is a couple of things I like about this map.
    1) Purchasable LSAT off the wall! You have to be quick about it though and you have to do it right at the beginning so rack up points and get it, best starting weapon
    2) Leroy! I'm so glad they actually added a helper npc, the things that he can do is crazy. I also use Leroy to maxmize points by making him run as far away as possible from his breaking objective.
    3) Chalk, You can rack up points easily and you can make 5000+ points on SOLO by Chalk alone if you know what you're doing.
    4) Witches, yea I know some people might hate the witches at first, I did, but after you figure out their spawn points its a piece of cake with the Ray Gun Mk II. I recommend that only one player goes through the witch house at once because it makes it lot easier to get through, I've noticed there's too much chaos and confusion when the whole team is trying to make it through at once. Also this is probably the easiest map to get all 7 perks from because of the killing of the Witches
    5) Time Bomb! The Time Bomb makes it pretty easy to make into the higher rounds and to continue playing. If used correctly it's probably the best equipment featured in a zombies map.
    6) Best Camping spot ever! The Juggernaut camping spot is definitely one of the best places to hold off zombies with the right equipment and weapons
    7) Subsurface Resonator

    So what do you guys think about Buried? Do you think it's your favorite or do you have another personal favorite?
  2. Ging2487

    Ging2487 Member

    Feb 8, 2013
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    I really like it but it doesn't have the same replayability factor as Die Rise or Mob of the Dead. The Juggernog Camp spot is the most annoying spot in the game. I'll go into an Online match and my teammates will either be camping next to Jugg or using the Trample Steams to hide in walls.
  3. Horo

    Horo Active Member

    Dec 15, 2012
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    It's pretty awesome, I think that was done really nice, get it once, and can't buy ammo off the wall, really balanced, which is surprising for the developers of a cod game.

    I hate it, I shouldn't need an npc to open basic parts of the map...

    Loved that idea.. place the weapons you want, where you want.. with some limitations ofcourse.. again a balanced thing in a cod game... just not expected of their devs..

    I don't know how anyone could hate them... you have to be terrible to actually lose a significant amount of points..

    Love\hate relationship. I hate it so much if I don't get it, because I don't trust the retarded randoms you get. I will just about always leave if somebody else gets it, and other people do to so it leads to this leaving thing that some kids actually care about, and end up quitting aswell.

    I like camping spots in zombies, but not ones of this magnitude... you look at other camping spots...
    Nacht ter untotenfirst map from waw, sorry if it's first from Bo)
    -Camp by the door, open box via stairs, was fun, ppl covered windows.
    Shi no numa
    -Camp in a house, people cover windows, 2 cover doors, fun, a little bit of chaos to keep it intersting, and there's actually a chance of losing b4 round 20.
    -Camp in the kitchet, with box, or by the STG, still fun ,and a little chaos.
    Der Riese
    -Camp on catwalk, somebodycan train, you get to snipe from the catwalk(the only real zombie map were sniping is viable), as well as explosive, and it was still fun..

    Even looking at newer maps they have cool camping spots..
    -Camp with pack a punch, two\three can cover door, and two\one can get the windows inside, can even train while you're inside the pack-a-punch area(personaly the most fun place to camp in any map, atleast they had one success other than gimmicky maps that lasted 2 week b4 you hated them)

    Buried does has some fun camp spots, but you're only going to use them if you have friends, randoms will only want to use the jugg spot that's incredibly op, and will only care about getting on the highscores, as if getting to round 30-50 is even difficult...
    Op..... hated the thundergun enough for how op it was, now you have infinite ammo... great...
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  4. esmittystud101

    esmittystud101 Active Member

    Dec 17, 2012
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    Timebomb = free points for tranzit, die rise, and buried. When my bank is low, just get a timebomb and max that bank out. Jugg right next to two wall weapons and the box which I can lock down and it will never move. Okay, I like just a little. LOL
  5. MattMin2000

    MattMin2000 New Member

    Aug 8, 2014
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    Buried was the best surprise from Treyarch. I liked the map at first, it was okay. But then once I realized that the map was so small, I started to think that I could use the whole entire map as a zombie train. And I did. Buried had so much secrets like the LSAT on the wall or the "Leroy" that all of it felt gimmicky, like the chalk weapons.

    But, everything was connected quite good. The bank was a nice addition and the new perk Vulture is awesome. I don't like the pack-a-punch addition, where you have to go through a bunch of witches that steal your points, a maze and then a sprawling stairwell down with holes in it, but that's one complaint. I love the time bombs, the new Ray Gun, the new wonder weapon and all the new machines you can build like the sound one and the chopping one. Overall, I love this map.

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