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Discussion in 'Television Shows' started by RIPRV, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Jama

    Jama Moderator
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    Apr 1, 2013
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    Agreed. I loved the show, but I hated the ending. I'm not really sure why they feel the need to revive the series. Especially after a relatively short frame of time from the end of the series till now. Are they trying to make amends to the fans for the bad ending? I hope not. That's a bold move if so. Because they could push fans further away if they make another mistake with the story. Sometimes it's best to let the sleeping dog lay. Someone else can reboot the series someday and they can have a chance to right the wrongs of that horrible ending.
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  2. southernlady

    southernlady Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2014
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    I agree. I hope this doesn't come back to bite them in the butt.
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