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H1Z1 Season 3 Getting Leaderboards

Discussion in 'Z1: Battle Royale' started by Todd Black, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Todd Black

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    Apr 8, 2015
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    What's coming up for H1Z1 in Season 3 of content? Maybe Leaderboards?

    Daybreak Games is preparing for a new season of H1Z1, and that means bringing in more content, including Leaderboards for the first time. Which they detailed on a post on their site:

    "Starting this season, you’ll be able to dynamically track your stats and performance across each battle royale game mode: solos, duos, and fives (FFA Deathmatch will initially be unranked, though kills are tracked within individual matches). Ranks will be categorized across 6 tiers (Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze), each with 3 subtiers."

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