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How can Nick be bathed in walker blood?

Discussion in 'Episode 204 - Cherokee Rose' started by mtamborra, May 4, 2016.

  1. mtamborra

    mtamborra Member

    Jan 3, 2012
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    In TWD they usually wear ponchos to protect themselves and put the blood and guts on the clothes. This dude was rubbing his whole face in it! It was in his eyes, on his mouth....EVERYWHERE!

    In one of the talking dead episodes Kirkman was asked something about "why don't they just always cover themselves in walker guts" and he said cause it isn't good for you and you can still get sick and that its a last resort plan. That fact that he was putting it all over himself like it was body wash kind of takes away from the scariness of walkers. I think they should have made Nick be more careful with where he put that blood!

    I know its a show by the way and not based in reality but they could try harder!
  2. EZD

    EZD Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2014
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    An Addict rarely does anything half way.
  3. Cbcw76

    Cbcw76 Member

    May 2, 2016
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    MTam, it wasn't "in his eyes and everything." He pulled out gauze, taped it over his eyes and brought along a make-up lady in his plastic, watertight bag. And the make-up chair. So, they unfolded that, set it up with Kleig lights (it was still pre-dawn darkness) and fixed him up.

    See? It's easy. "Abandon all hope (of making sense) when dealing with these TV writers!" That's what the sign over the door says.

    MY question is, "HUG HIM?!! Are you kidding me?!! NO F'N WAY!!" Toss him in the ocean, spend 5 minutes paddling along the zodiac being REALLY washed clean. THEN he'd be fit for human companionship.

    These people all show - at one time - nauseating reactions to the odors. But the second time? "Naw - we're fine with it."

    REALLY?!! Sheesh... one hand would be pinching my nose, covering my mouth, the other would be a balled-up fist - "STAY AWAY FROM ME! GO DOWNWIND A MILE."
  4. br0k3n

    br0k3n Member

    Feb 29, 2016
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    @mtamborra perhaps Nick feels like he's already crossed that threshold. The previous episode showed him (accidently) covered in walker blood on the beach. Maybe he just figures - "if I could get infected I probably already am" and so he does it again.

    And haven't we all made some really bad decisions that way?

    To the other commentators point about it being a nasty smelly business... yes, the human body is full of nasty foul substances - would be realistic to have puking or dry heaving every time until perhaps way into the ZA when there's time to become desensitized.

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