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Inside Battle Royale - Heart and Soul Dies

Discussion in 'Z1: Battle Royale' started by Warner Williams, Sep 3, 2023.

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    Jun 26, 2023
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    Battle royale leads the world of video games and console entertainment. Yet, how much of it is fun, and how much of it kills our hearts and souls?

    To make it clear, the concept of our most popular game genre sprung from a Japanese movie of the same name. Battle Royale was also based on a book by Koushun Takami, where a group of teenagers was selected to fight to the last child standing. Although the film eliminated some of the most wrestling concepts like Japan winning World War II, it is still gruesome.

    Battle royale games and movies follow a similar theme - to the last man standing. However, the changes involve the same technique of elimination by killing The human mind in its truest sense abhors murder, but not death. We have learned to live with the stroke of destiny.

    Nonetheless, the consciousness detests some of the process that leads to the end of life. Have you noticed how boring the news is if no deaths accompany an accident? Or, maybe the deception, secretly nodded, when natural disasters fail to eliminate our enemies?

    Battle royal is swift, action-packed, and fun. There are trophies to be won and enemies to destroy. Construction, skills, and the leaderboard. However, the best of all this is that we do not really die. Death is not considered an end if not the loss of a battle.

    Likewise, the enemies we eliminate will be back tomorrow. So, it stays a game or a movie. Looking at The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins captures the theme of Battle Royale, but on a political scene where it is a part of the society - tradition.

    The human mind understands the thrills of fake deaths, knowing that tomorrow the same star may even appear in another movie like Kill Bill. The good news, though it may kill our hearts and souls, we yearn for more.
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