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Ghosts Multiplayer Killers in action is now back in action!!!

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' started by milesthumbs, May 3, 2014.

  1. milesthumbs

    milesthumbs Member

    May 15, 2012
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    After almost half a year of not being able to play CoD (Due to a faulty disc drive).
    KIA is finally back, and now, we're better than ever.
    ============= Summary ==============
    We are the Killers in action, an Xbox 360 only clan
    (Might move to PS4 I actually get one).
    In order to join, just send me an Email that tells me your gamertag, and a few stats (K/D ratio, W/L ratio, etc.)
    If you are accepted, you'll get a friend request on XBL, and then you'll get a clan invite on ghosts.
    ============= Requirements =============
    In order to join, you need to 1) Have a mic (With special Exceptions),
    2) Be somewhat active in CoD.
    Age really isn't an issue. But if you have a squeaky voice, just don't go all super squeaker.(So no whining)
    1) No Obsessive Swearing (While yes, the occasional F-bomb is fine, We don't want it getting dropped every other word)
    2) Be (Somewhat) Kind to your other clan mates. If they are being unruly, you ARE allowed to "Punch back" at them.
    3) There is no 3, only Zuul.
    4)Participate in clan events, while yes, you can skip out on a few of the events, you can't skip out on all of them.
    5)Put your gamertag in your request to join, any requests without gamertags will be INSTANTLY denied.​

    Other then that, there are no more rules.
    ============= Other Info =============
    ++++++ Contact Information ++++++
    Personal Email: (Only used for Emergencies.)
    Gamertag: Milesthumbsprow (If changed, I will put something up about it.)
    ++++++ Punishments ++++++
    The punishments are on a fair policy, send a report to my personal email, then give a description of what happened, I will then contact the other party/parties, then ask them about it, then see who's story is true.
    A false report will add an immediate 3 strikes(After a warning).
    Failure to follow rules will result in a strike,
    3 Strikes = Suspension (one week)
    6 Strikes = Suspension ( one month)
    9 strikes = Suspension ( Half- Year)
    12 strikes = Banned
    If you are banned from the clan, you cannot rejoin, only under certain circumstances are you allowed to rejoin.
    =============Games we operate on=============
    (Listed from most active, to least active)

    Black Ops 2

    There isn't really anything else, this will be updated when necessary, but other than that. See you.​
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    Nov 21, 2012
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  3. milesthumbs

    milesthumbs Member

    May 15, 2012
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    Bump? I guess...

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