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Love the game on PS4 but these things bother me!

Discussion in 'Z1: Battle Royale' started by Strkeout, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Strkeout

    Strkeout New Member

    Sep 4, 2018
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    Ok, so I've been playing this game on the PS4 since the spring and it's really grown on me a lot. I love survival games and much prefer this over Fortnite because I think the building nonsense is just that, nonsense. But there are some things that really annoy me about H1Z1 that I believe would make this game lot better.

    1) People jumping out of moving cars should sustain damage. The faster the car is moving, the more damage players should incur. Very similar to GTA. Being able to jump out of a car moving at 50 mph and being able to pinpoint a headshot on a player within a split second is extremely unrealistic and IMO takes away from the game. Jumping out of moving cars should force players to roll and take damage.

    2) Bring back the vehicular damage. Loved being able to run down people with the vehicles. I know there were a lot of problems with the hit detection on vehicle impacts but that should have been corrected instead of removed.

    3) Vehicles should be eliminated once the circle gets to it's final stages. Force players to engage each other instead of watching 10 cars circle each other until driving becomes almost impossible to do. Maybe a massive EMP blast kills all of the cars in one of the last few stages of the gas moving in.

    4) For god sake, slow down the gas or at least the period in between gas movements. Some games, depending on where you start, you could literally spend the whole game trying to outrun the gas and just barely staying ahead of it. I understand the importance of the circle closing in but a little more time in between to explore and find essentials isn't too much to ask for. It's just moving too quickly. Maybe the solution is two versions of play, one where it moves less often for strategic players and the faster version to keep the games shorter for players that just want to keep going.

    5) ATV's I do realize tend to roll more than cars would but these ATV's are so top heavy that it's very difficult to navigate some of the terrain without flipping it over. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to cross a paved road with an ATV and had the ATV flip over once it hit the paved road. There needs to be an adjustment to them to make them slightly more stable.

    6) The adjustments made to the pickup have made it like an armored car. It's hard to damage it now and it sucks down fuel like there is no tomorrow. A shot with the RPG should be able to take it out. It's not a tank.

    7) When you throw a frag grenade, or a molotov etc....and you die before it reaches the ground, it should still carry the damage/effect the weapon normally inflicts. Just because you died in the act of throwing it should not render it ineffective.

    I do love playing this game and thanks for bringing it to the PS4.

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  2. cockers

    cockers New Member

    Aug 21, 2018
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    Good points...

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