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[Spoiler] Q& A 10-18 Dog

Discussion in 'The Walking Dead Spoilers' started by Sharpie61, Mar 4, 2021.

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    Dec 24, 2013
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    **Official WATF Q&A**
    Episode 10.18 “Find Me”

    Anyone thirsty for some spoilers? HUGE thanks to our source for these spoilery delights.

    1. How does the episode begin?

    I really liked the cold open on this one. I would love to say that it sets the tone for the episode, but it's actually the exact opposite. It's Daryl going out to find materials to help fix Alexandria's wall, Carol wanting to come along to hunt, and the two having playful banter with happy music fading into the main theme. Who could tell that it would be far from fun and games...

    2. Daryl runs up to a cabin in present day. Is he with Carol? Is it Leah's cabin? What is he doing at the cabin?

    Yes and yes. While out hunting in present day, Dog takes off in a certain direction, barking, leading them there. Carol says they can seal up the door and stay there for the night. Dog starts digging for something under the floorboards, Carol finds provisions along with a note and asks Daryl: "Is this where she lived?"

    3. What can you tell us about Leah?

    While super hostile at first, then super distant, she comes around eventually. She was with a group once, was close enough with someone to call her her sister, this woman died during childbirth, and Leah raised the baby, Matthew, as her own. He was bit later on, still a child. She's been alone ever since.

    4. What kind of relationship do Leah and Daryl form?

    This is stretched over a long period of time. Daryl is first shown as he was five years ago, two years having passed since Rick's "death". His first encounter with Leah is a year after this, a hostile one. She points a shotgun at him, but lets him go later. She won't tell him her name while he does. They meet up again after six months, again after eight months, she tells him her name on that occasion, and for the last time, after three months. This is when she tells him her story with her sister and Matthew. Daryl in turn tells her that he's lost his brother, his body was never found, and he won't stop looking until he finds out whether he's alive or not. They end up spending the following 10 months together. Sex is alluded to once, BEYOND subtle, BEYOND brief. (sorry)

    After 10 months, they are shown having an argument. We get the impression that Daryl is going out again for "just a couple of days" to continue looking for Rick. Leah gives him an ultimatum, asks him to choose between looking for his dead brother day after day, or going back to the family he's been avoiding because it's too hard to face what happened, or staying with her. When he says he doesn't know where he belongs, she says he does. We then understand that he did leave, had a change of heart, came back only to find Leah gone.

    5. What is Doggo’s origin story and how does he end up with Daryl?

    Apparently, Dog first appeared four years ago, as a puppy. Leah had Dog's mom. Puppy Dog leads Daryl to Leah's place. He then keeps coming around, Daryl takes him back to Leah's, that's how he ends up going there a couple of times. When Leah disappears, Dog stays with Daryl.

    6. In a preview we see Daryl seemingly screaming in frustration - what is that about?

    Daryl keeps a map of all the places he's looked for for Rick in his camp. The storm brings a huge amount of rain, and the map is destroyed. I believe it's supposed to be his built-up frustration finally erupting.

    7. Is Carol at the cabin with Daryl in this episode? What is she doing?

    Apparently, she already knows about Leah, but she suspects that Daryl hasn't told her the whole story. She asks him about her, and the flashbacks show what happened between them. Daryl feels guilty for abandoning Leah, he and Carol then get into the argument.

    8. Who else do we see or meet this episode?

    It's just Daryl, Carol, Leah and Dog.

    9. What do Carol and Daryl fight about? Do they resolve it by the end of the episode?

    Carol's actions during the season. Daryl is actually very dismissive towards her. He says she feels guilty and that she's trying to run. He blames her for losing Connie. And when, in response, she actually says that she's not sorry for making Alpha pay "because I was right", he says all that matters to her is her being right. He says he's sick of them having the same conversation over and over again. He says he shouldn't have kept her from getting back on the boat, and that if she wants to run again, he won't stop her. I think all of this pretty much answers the second question too, but let me spell it out anyway: A big fat no.

    10. Are Michonne or Rick mentioned?

    Yes, but only in the flashbacks, mostly as in Carol having a hard time with neither Michonne nor Daryl's being able to move on with their lives after losing Rick.

    11. Carol finds a note. What does it say and who wrote it?

    The note is from Daryl to Leah. After he comes back to the cabin to find her gone, he leaves a note saying he does indeed belong with her, and he asks her to find him.

    12. How does the episode end?

    At the beginning of the episode, Carol was questioning whether their overall luck had run out or not. After Daryl has his say during their fight, she finally says that it turns out she was right, and their luck, his and hers, has run out. She then says that it's going to get dark soon, and that she should go fix the door. And that's it.

    13. Anything else interesting?

    Not really, but I think it's safe to say that puppy Dog is more than enough.

    The truth is out there

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