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Rogues-the top 5 reasons your game is below a 1.00 in any game mode!

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3' started by HORSE SIX ZERO, Mar 19, 2013.


    Dec 18, 2012
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    As we all know, Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 3 has two Team Deathmatch (TDM) style games and seven Objective Based (OB) game modes, both in Core and Hardcore. Along with these games, you have your Community Lobbies (CL) respectively.

    What we will cover is the reason that 90% of the gaming community has a Kill to Death Ratio (KDR) of .75-95 and how you can up your game to get to that 1.00 and above KDR.

    The fact is simple. “Never go negative.” It’s that simple, NGN as my community calls it.

    But, herein lies the problem. Of that 90% of gamers who play, most are soloists aka “The Rambo”. This is the gamer that gets into a lobby and does their own thing. They don’t care about what the mode is, they don’t care about the team, they don’t care period and can really bring a lobby down. Most of the time, Rambo is that gamer who goes consistently in the red. Meaning, he will be the one with the two to three times negative KDR in a game. It doesn’t matter how many bombs you plant or headquarters you capture. Why? Because if you’re going so deep in the negative, you’re allowing the other team to get killstreak after killstreak after killstreak, get my point? This is especially frustrating in the Ground War mode. Because the lobby is basically 1.5 times as large as a 6v6 and two times as large as a Team Tactical (Pros play at the Team Tactical level 4v4).

    When you’re in this type of lobby, this can be frustrating. Let’s take myself for example, in the world rankings I am in the top 1% in both Core Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Killconfirmed, top 5% in the Hardcore TDM, and 25% in other modes (I rarely play other modes then mentioned, because I’m not in what they call the OB Mindset. Why? Because the objective to TDM and KC to me is just winning the game. Whether it be by 1000 points (1 Kill), or 1 Dog Tag (DT) in HXKC. So in essence, yes, TDM and KC are OB game modes, and we who go to say a Domination or Demolition or Capture the Flag lobby, usually end up with a high KD. Now, you say, “But HORSE? How do you go into a lobby with this mindset? Do you follow the same tactics you do in TDM or KC?” “No, we have our tactics and our strategies to effectively spawn trap, but the bigger challenge to us in say, Domination, is to “DOMINATE” meaning, maintain all captured points. That is, if we play it. And we rarely do. When we do though, we utilize our team work to win the match. If not, hey, we were beaten by the better team.

    So, with that said, let’s cover some simple ways for you, the non-clan, rogue, and independent out there who runs into a team like ours. You’re gonna get ****ed up. Plain and simple. Now sometimes, we have run solo and I’m going to show you what one guy can do to a clan in a total “rogue” lobby, and when you see my final score, because of my game play, we won the match and the rogues I was running with even sent me messages like “Hey Horse, that was some really great play./Can I join your clan?/Wow Horse Six Zero you kicked their ass!/and the best one-It was so cool to get them out of party chat to come into game chat and you shut them up! You’re a cool gamer Horse.”

    HORSE SIX ZERO VS. THE -EX- Clan- (Highlight Reel)

    -A little about THE CLAC CLAN-

    I have nine members in my clan. And we have many others in reserve who do not have Elite accounts, so when a clan member isn’t available to run, we can bring them in and get the game won.

    In my clan, we have a combined KDR of 2.52:1, our highest slayer has a 4.41 overall and a 4.55 in the TDM lobby. Our combined accuracy is over 19% on average. Meaning, we don’t fire until we see the target and know we can hit that target. Me personally (hilarious stat btw, and I’m sure there are others with more than myself out there), I’m the only gamer in my clan to have fired over 1 million rounds. My accuracy is a respective 16.67 right now. I used Blind Eye Pro (aka Stopping Power Pro from Modern Warfare 2) and shoot down anything I can get my sights on. I’m not going to get into statistics about us why? Stats are stats, what matters is that in the TDM and Kill Confirmed universe, you NGN. Pure and simple.

    Here are the Top 5 Reasons your game is garbage.

    5. You don’t have or use your headset.
    The headset is the most important piece of gaming gear there is when it comes to online gaming. In real life (IRL), fire teams move out in coordinated and synchronized movements. This is what we call shoot, move, and communicate. It’s the first rule of all combat, digital or IRL. You have to have communications. Without commo, you’re dead. Plain and simple. You’re dead. In game or IRL. Without it, you can’t call out to a team member where the bad guy is. We’re not mind readers. The only way I can engage an opponent if I’m on the move with you and you go down, and I get killed, I’m gonna holler in my mic, “PUT YOUR ******* HEADSET ON JACKASS!” This is why when I’m running solo, that SITREP Pro is my best friend. With SITREP Pro on, I hear their footsteps and can triangulate their position and possibly flank them to save your non-headset wearin’ ass! Without a headset, you really don’t need to be playing this game. Period. You get me killed and I’ll troll your ass the entire game. I’ve done this before and have pissed them off so badly that they backed out. BTW, I have a standing rule. No headset=Avoided for Lacking Skill, because commo is the most important aspect to any 1st person shooter with multiplayer.

    4. You’re a Garbage Ass Split-Screener (GASS).
    Let me introduce you to the most annoying thing that is right up there with our current presidential administration. The Split-Screener, commonly referred to in our group as “Monkey See/Monkey Do”. I’m going to add some video here so you can how dumb these people are. They think “Hey, just stick together and run together we’ll be alright!” SURVEY SAYS! WROOOOOOOOOOONG! WITH A BIG OLE “X” FOR ONE STRIKE! I’m sure you’ve run into them and after you sit there with your controller in hand, mouth agape, and screaming at them for their amazingly terribly gameplay.
    Want to see why GASS suck at this game? CLICK HERE

    3. You have zero sense of any tactics whatsoever.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this at the end of any match, “XXGamerXX, you went 12-47? No wonder we lost, you didn’t grab any flags, tags, points, etc. in an OB environment or see Item 1.
    Item 1-How the **** we won this game, is beyond me. My teammates and I accounted for 5900 of our points while surrendering only 1200 points. As you can by the OUTSTANDING PLAY of these GARBAGE ASS GREEN TRIANGLES, they gave up 6100 points. SIXTY-ONE HUNDRED POINTS! THIS! IS WHAT THE **** I’M TALKING ABOUT! WHEN I SAY IN TEAM DEATHMATCH THAT TACTICS WILL BEAT OUT RUN AND GUN ANYFUCKCINGDAYOFTHEWEEK! And if you find going 4-22 and 4-19 a good game, you’d better put down the controller and punch yourself right in the dick and not have children. You should be castrated so your idiot seed cannot infect the rest of the world. As you can see on the other side, they should have won this game. But, because of clutch play by myself and my teammates, we won. This shows that being non tactically sound will get you ****ed in this game. And until you learn tactics, in ANY GAME MODE, you will always have a KDR NLT .85. PERIOD!

    4. You have zero gun 1 v 1 gunfight skills.
    As you can see above, if you can’t hit your target, you’re not going to kill your target. Digital Rifle Marksmanship is the most important way to win a gunfight online. Whether it’s using the “Man-Dance”, where you’re cutting the pie to ducking and jiving to using a drop shot, to having the proficiency “Focus” on your class (most pros use Focus to stay on target longer after being struck (as I do too).

    Now a good gamer using tactics, commo, and has a high accuracy will do well in a 1v1 or 1v2 situation (See my video, above, for basically some really nice 1v1 v 2 v 3 gunfights that I’d won. When I get in a 1v1 situation, my first option is the drop shot, if the opponent has the drop shot on me and IW/SH actually incorporated the diving lunge (SEE EVERY OTHER FPS VICE MW FOR THIS!), you could dive away from danger but “Nooooooooo!”, you can lose a gunfight this very way. Especially in Hardcore where you’re at 30% percent vice 100% strength for Core.

    (I really need to put together a YouTube video series on this.)

    5. Is it just me or are they very sore losers?
    The one thing I look at least twice a month is my “Rep” or “Online Reputation”. I look at it and the biggest percentage is my “Unsportsmanlike” statistic. Currently, I have a 76% avoided me for that very reason. Why? Because I’m a mobile rifleman/SMGunner. My tactic is to engage, displace, and reengage tactic.

    Here’s how it works:
    Let’s take this game for instance okay? Look at Item 2.
    Item 2.-Now let’s look at this okay? I wish I could load the game, but I don’t have a game recorder. I started out with an MP7 with an RDS. Then I picked up this guy’s P90.

    Here was my load out for this game:
    Primary: MP7 w/RDS
    Secondary: TMP9 (until I picked up this P90)

    Lethal: Bouncing Betty
    Tactical: Trophy System

    Proficiency: Kick
    Blind Eye Pro
    Assassin Pro
    SITREP Pro

    Strike Package-Assault
    5-Predator Missile
    7-Attack Helicopter

    As you can see RussMaster2299 was my victim, he gave my team and I 900 points.
    On the video at 8:34, I wasn’t even going for a MOAB and was shot in the back taking out my 24th kill. Had I not gotten dropped, I’d have got it. Once again, I was not going for a MOAB. Had I got it though, it would have been a NON-SPECIALIST MOAB.
    When I was taken out, at that time, I was 28-1 a 28:1 KDR, meaning, I’d killed the entire team FOUR TIMES PLUS FOUR when I went down.
    How did I do this, I used SITREP Pro to my advantage. I just stalked. The problem was, for them, the average gamer will get into a mode called the “I’m gonna get that sumbitch!” mentality. See how Russ was my victim? He wanted me in a bad way. So he kept falling into my gameplan. When the game was over, guess who was the final kill cam, yep, Russ, who got him? I DID!

    When the match was over, he blew up my inbox. I received 10 text/voicemails from him, 20 in all. Camper this and camper that. I replied to him after the 20th message and told him this as I tell all sore losers “Dude, go on Elite, check out the Heat Map, every death you got from me is somewhere on that map. Your problem is that you fell into my game plan. I got in your head and took you and your teammates out of whatever gameplan you randoms had.”

    Two days later he sent another voicemail. “Hey man, I’m sorry, you whupped my whole team’s ass in that game. Good job. I can respect how you played.”

    He went from being an ass to being a humbled gamer by doing as I said.

    The biggest problem with the Garbage Player is that they get so angry about losing they need to feel better about themselves by sending you “Hater mail”. I embrace it. I love getting it. It makes me laugh.

    BUT! If you remember at the beginning of this blog, the -EX- Clan sent me physical violence and threatening emails/voicemails to my inbox. They stopped after I told them they’d all been reported to XBL and IW/SH and I sent my address to them as well.
    “Come on by, bring an Army though. I have enough ammo for the Zombie Apocolypse, watch who you talk to online. You never know who you might meet. Remember -EX- Clan, there’s someone bigger and meaner than you out there in real life.

    I ended up trolled them about taking on my clan, they declined. Why? Because they knew they were going up against a far superior clan after looking at our clan page.

    They are the epitome of a sore loser and they’re garbage too.

    This blog is over, why? Because I hate garbage players in COD MW3. Now that I’ve said my piece, I feel a lot better. If you don’t like what I’ve written, piss off. Welcome to the 1st Amendment!


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