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Modern Warfare 3 special ops frozen..

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3' started by MERCURYSB3, Apr 21, 2014.


    MERCURYSB3 Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2013
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    been playing MW3s special ops, it must be the game that the account owners let someone like their little brother or someone who dosen't have a clue on how to play.( now i know this post is a reach) but in the last coulple of games my team mate would stand in one spot and keep getting knocked down so i have to go revive them
    and keep losing the game.and i can see that the players GT has a high rank so it can't be the real player.
    now no doubt some of you here had played this in the past and kinda wonder how games went for you.
    so far had one real game and went to the 27th wave the record is 225. really got hooked on this and its been one hell of a challenge.

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