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Spoiler !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Episode 604 - The Key' started by Sharpie61, Nov 1, 2020.

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    Dec 24, 2013
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    From Fear fans

    Robb Black gets up early on Sunday morning to watch FTWD on Premiere to answer your questions.

    Which members of our group do we see in this episode?
    While the episode if focused mainly around John, we do see Morgan (at the beginning and end), Victor, Janis, Jacob, and June.

    Do we get to see Rufus or Skidmark?
    Rufus is with Morgan. Daniel manages to get a hold of a piece of Grace's clothing and leaves it at a dead drop for Morgan. Morgan uses the jacket for Rufus to try to track Grace. No Skidmark sightings this episode.

    When does the episode take place?
    It appears the episode takes place a few weeks after episode 2. Victor tells John that he has earned Ginny's trust enough that he is now on the inter-community council.

    What is John investigating?
    One of the Lawton guards ends up dead one night, tangled up in a barb wire fence being eaten by walkers. John doesn't think it is an accident so he starts investigating against the wishes of Ginny.

    Who is in the jail cell?

    Does anyone die in this episode?
    Janis dies towards the end of the episode.

    Who is John fighting?
    He attacks Victor after finding out that Victor worked behind the scenes to keep him from helping Janis.

    Do we find out anymore about the spray-painting guys who are looking for the key?
    They have a run-in with Morgan and get well acquainted with Morgan's new weapon.

    After three episodes with rather quick pacing this episode slows down a bit as it plays out as a police procedural with John Dorie trying to track down a potential murder. After a guard is found dead, slumped over a barbed wire fence, John wants to investigate what happens while Ginny is quick to claim it was an accident due to Cameron's excessive drinking. Ginny continues to discourage John from investigating the incident while Ginny's sister, Dakota, encourages John to pursue the case because she knows her sister is covering for someone. John's efforts to investigate the murder are used to frame Janis and coerce a confession from her. Janis is then put to death in a gruesome manner by being chained to a tree while music is played to draw walkers to her location. Victor and John exchange blows at the end when John finds out that Victor helped convince Ginny to move up Janis' execution in order to keep John from trying to free Janis and thus putting John's own life in jeopardy. At the end of the episode John is awarded a key from Ginny for his work on the case. She tells him that he will discover he has new privileges now that he is a Ranger. One of those privileges is being reunited with June.

    John Dorie fans will love this episode. This is pure John doing what he does best, being an honest cop. I always felt like they wrote John as a little too earnest and a little too do-gooder. However, this episode they manage to find the right mix of grit and earnestness for John. The change of pace is nice as is mixing up the ZA with a police procedural style of episode. And of course there is the payoff at the end with June being reunited with John. Though they do not give the reunion nearly enough time as I thought they should. It is almost an afterthought with the episode ending with John pulling a rotting tooth out of his jaw.

    Unfortunately, I am going to rate this episode a 7. The end of the mystery unraveled for me when John discovers Janis' execution site just outside the walls of Lawton. He shoots dead the walkers and then shoots out the radio blasting music. He then digs a grave for Janis, and heads back into town. There he confronts Victor and they brawl in the middle of the street. They spend a lot of time setting up the mystery by showing how all weapons are locked down in the armory and people have to sign them out. Yet, somehow John is in possession of his weapons when he is not on duty and his shooting the walkers just outside the gates of town in the middle of the night doesn't draw anyone's attention. Also, I find it hard to believe that John and Victor can brawl in the middle of the street during the day without attracting any attention whatsoever. Finally, Ginny's plan of promoting members of the group to Ranger status is beginning to feel a little contrived, especially after this episode where John was clearly working at cross-purposes to Ginny. But could I watch a ZA detective show featuring John Dorie as the lead detective? Hell yeah I could. I would watch the hell out of that show.

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