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The Coronavirus TWD Rewatch!?

Discussion in 'The Walking Dead Television Series' started by Neuropyramidal, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    Season 4 of TWD brought more changes behind the scenes, changes that would have serious repercussions for the future of the franchise.

    Scott Gimple replaced Glen Mazzara as show runner, and at the time many fans applauded the decision: The episodes Gimple had written were well received, and Mazzara had deviated greatly from the comic, and killed off Andrea.

    Gimple himself deviated from the comic: introducing a flu strain that infects humans, animals, and walkers. Gimple's flu storyline, however, worked.

    Season 4 starts weeks after the Governor's defeat. Rick has accepted more survivors into the prison, creating a community. But the weight of leadership has taken its toll on Rick; he's stepped down and has become a farmer, while the group is led by a council. Carl struggles with trying to follow his father's example, and wanting to help protect the group.

    Carol's newfound strength was put to the test, resulting in questionable decisions. Daryl was at the height of his popularity; teasing fans with Caryl began in earnest.

    Hershel's Faith in God and humanity was put to the test, and he did not falter.

    The Governor's story finally reaches its conclusion, but not before proving just "too far gone" he'd become.

    Rick and Michonne were teased as a couple, especially after the fall of the prison.

    Season 4 ended with the realization that fellow survivors are the main threat from now on.
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  2. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD S4, EP1, "30 Days Without an Accident".

    1. I liked that the prison was rebuilt, and has more survivors; it's become a community. :cool:

    2. I enjoyed the Caryl scenes, but this was the start of Carylers like myself saying "this could be the season". :D

    3. I liked that Rick gave up leadership in favor of a council; he'd clearly seen and been through too much to keep going.

    4. I liked that Carl was trying to make Rick proud and try farming, but he clearly wanted to help with security.

    5. I didn't like how Glenn tried to tell Maggie what she could and couldn't do.

    6. Violet the Pig is sick, so why doesn't someone tell Hershel, who's a veterinarian? :confused:

    7. Meet Bob, he'll be filling out TWD's new-guy-with-medical-training-cliché. :D

    8. Daryl's grumbling his lines. o_O

    9. I liked that Michonne was hunting the Governor, everyone else believed he'd never return.

    10. I would've liked to have seen Carl's reaction to Beth and Zach.

    11. Clara was frightening. For a moment fans thought the walkers had evolved to communicate again. :eek:

    12. The walker attack at the Big Spot was cool. :cool:

    13. Zach and the walkers getting crushed by the helicopter (probably cost half of S4's budget! :p )

    14. Clara was too far gone. :(

    15. Debut of the 3 questions: 1. How many walkers have you killed? 2. How many people have you killed? 3. Why?

    16. Tyreese is useless.

    17. Flu walkers.

    18. Patrick dies and turns inside Cell Block D (back when TWD cliffhangers were cool. :p )
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  3. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD S4, EP 2 "Infected".

    1) Glenn and Maggie were poor sentries to not see someone with a flashlight was feeding rats to the walkers. :rolleyes:

    2) Karen and the flashlight's-batteries-are-dying cliché

    3) The scenes of Walker Patrick killing the sleeping residents of Cell Block D were frightening. :eek:

    4) I liked that Carl continued asking Rick if he could work on security instead of farming.

    5) More people probably died in Cell Block D than in the Savior War from S8. :D

    6) Dr. S explaining the origins of the Flu Walkers.

    7) Rick picked a fine time to tell Hershel that Violet the Pig was sick. :rolleyes:

    8) Lizzie's and Mika's father should've told Carol that his oldest daughter has mental issues. o_O

    9) Introduction of the Council: Hershel, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, and Sasha. :cool:

    10) Caryl Scene. :cool:

    11) I appreciated Daryl supporting Rick's earlier decision to step down as leader.

    12) Rick using piglets as bait while the group bolsters the fences. :(

    13) Carol is amazing. :cool:

    14) Rick realizes the group is threatened, so he puts on his gun. :cool:

    15) Karen should've been the only one who was killed and burned; we knew nothing about David.
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  4. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    Last week I watched "Isolation" and "Indifference".

    I hated Rick for exiling Carol ( "Indifference"), but she wound up saving the group in the season 5 premiere. :cool:
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  5. Poor Mika

    Poor Mika Active Member

    Mar 18, 2014
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    I really liked Still too. Not sure about the final scene but the intensity between the two characters I found engrossing and interesting. I was fairly indifferent to Beth before this episode - but really liked her afterwards and was upset when she died in that stupid hospital. I think it was her vulnerability that I liked (amazing that she survived in TWD world for so long tbh!).
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  6. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 5 "Internment".

    1) Hershel is the hero of this episode, fighting almost singlehandedly to keep the sick in Cell Block A alive. :cool:

    2) Spaghetti Tuesday will be every Wednesday. :D

    3) I can't believe no one at the prison noticed how weird Lizzie is. o_O

    4) I've always thought Maggie disagreed with Rick's decision to exile Carol, but she knew better than to tell him that.

    5) I liked that Dr. S planned ahead and smuggled shotguns into Cell Block A.

    6) Hershel told Rick that he believed there was a plan and a reason for the outbreak. Unfortunately, considering how the comic book ended abruptly, I don't think we'll ever get an explanation as to how the outbreak began. :(

    7) Walker revolt in Cell Block A! :eek:

    8) If Rick hadn't of exiled Carol, he and Maggie would've had help against the walkers trying to take down the fence. :mad:

    9) Dr. S has become a walker! :eek:

    10) The walkers took down the fence! :eek:

    11) Another tease of Carl becoming the future leader as he and Rick use assault rifles against the walkers. :cool:

    12) Rick's reaction to Carl killing the walkers is priceless. :D

    13) I liked how Hershel didn't want to shoot the walkers in front of Lizzie and Mika, so he lured the walkers out of the girls' sight.

    14) Glenn escapes death yet again.

    15) Hershel crying after the walkers are put down. :(

    16) Daryl showing Hershel respect by calling him "A tough son of a bitch", and Hershel responding with "I am". :cool:

    17) We're teased with a Daryl vs. Rick confrontation over Carol's exile. :eek:

    18) The Governor is back! :eek:

    This was a great episode. :cool:
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  7. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    Tonight I watched "Live Bait".

    First appearances of Tara, Lilly, and Meagan.
  8. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 7, "Dead Weight"

    1. When you saw the tank in Martinez' camp, you knew how this episode was going to end. :eek:

    2. The supply run to the survivalist's cabin was eerie: we all speculated as to why those soldiers' bodies were left around the property and how the survivalists' family was killed.

    3. Pete is a good man, but his brother Mitch is a jerk.

    4. Philip makes the effort to change, but circumstances are pulling him towards his Governor persona: the camp is not safe. The RV he and his new family are living in has a leaky roof, supplies are scarce, the group's leadership (Martinez and then Pete) is poor.

    5. Shumpert died off screen weeks ago. He'll always be remembered for his powerful soliloquies. :p

    6. A drunken Martinez made the fatal mistake of admitting to Philip he can't manage leading the group, and then makes an offer of co-leadership.

    7. Philip's Governor persona takes over, attacks Martinez, and feeds him to the walkers in the pit, all the while Philip screams "I don't want it!" :eek:

    8. Pete assumes leadership of the group, but makes the fatal mistake of asking Philip for help.

    9. Pete, Mitch, and Philip discover another group living in the woods, but Pete can't decide whether to unite both groups, or steal the other group's supplies.

    10. The new group is later found massacred and their supplies stolen.

    11. A frightened Philip tries to escape that night with his new family, but the way is blocked by a group of walkers stuck in the mud.

    12. Philip murders Pete, then uses his talent for manipulation to get Mitch to be his new underling.

    13. Philip recreates the walker heads/fish tanks by tossing Pete's corpse into a lake.

    14. Tara almost let her niece Meghan get bit by a walker. :mad:

    15. Philip scouts out the prison and spots Michonne and Hershel outside the fence line.

    This was a great episode; Philip's struggle with his Governor personality was the highlight. There are some minor plot holes.

    1. No one in camp heard Martinez screaming as the walkers devoured him.

    2. We don't know who massacred the group in the woods and took their supplies.

    3. Philip and his new family had no problems leaving the camp, and then coming back.

    4. No one in camp saw Philip leaving with Pete's corpse.
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  9. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 8 "Two Far Gone"

    1. Philip kidnaps Michonne and Hershel and takes them back to his camp. Philip then uses his talent for manipulation to convince his new group to take the prison.

    2. I had the impression that Philip was losing Lilly just like he lost Andrea. Lilly was questioning every decision he made the same as Andrea did.

    3. Hershel addresses Philip as "Governor", but Philip immediately says, "Don't call me that". Philip doesn't realize it, but his Governor persona is slowly taking control.

    4. The highly anticipated Rick vs. Daryl fight doesn't happen, and it's infuriating. In retrospect I think it's an example of Gimple's growing hatred for Daryl. I'll bet the show's writers told him, "Daryl would've hit Rick," but Gimple shouted, "Daryl Dixon. I'm getting tired of hearing about him!" :mad:

    5. What's in the box, Bob? :confused:

    6. Lilly becomes the worst mother in TWD universe by failing to protect Meghan from the walkers.

    7. Rick's speech that "We're not too far gone" was emotional and sincere and he made Hershel proud. :cool:

    8. "Liar." The Governor persona takes control of Philip and he slashes Hershel's throat with Michonne's katana. :eek:

    9. I thought the Battle for the Prison was well choreographed and filmed. I felt saddened watching the prison get blasted apart by the tank, while the Governor's attacking troops drove over all the crops. :(

    10. The Governor stalks the dying Hershel and chops his head off. In retrospect, I think this is an early example of the "torture porn" that TWD was accused of in later seasons.

    11. Lilly appears with Meghan's corpse in her arms; The Governor wordlessly takes the girl's corpse from her and puts her down before she reanimates. :(

    12. "Kill them All." I like that the Governor said it as a calm order, instead of a maniacal rant. :cool:

    13. Beth and Tyreese should've died during the Battle for the Prison; it would've spared us S5's The Hospital Arc, and Gimple's art house crap in the S5 episode "What Happened and What's Going On?" :rolleyes:

    14. Rick vs. the Governor. :cool:

    15. They have a tank, we have a Daryl. :cool:

    16. Michonne saves Rick's life by killing the Governor. :cool:

    17. Rick and Carl discover Judith's empty car seat. A devastated Carl empties his Winchester rifle into the first walker he sees. :(

    18. An angry Lilly executes the dying Governor.

    19. Clara, the disheveled woman who committed suicide in the S4 premiere, returns as a walker amongst the herd attracted by the nose of the battle. :eek:

    20. "Don't look back, Carl. Just keep walking." :(

    A great, tragic episode. :(
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  10. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 9 "After"

    1. This episode was written by TWD creator Robert Kirkman.

    2. It's after the Battle for the Prison, Michonne makes two "pets" so she can walk amongst the herd.

    3. Michonne finds that Hershel's severed head has turned, so she puts it down. :(

    4. A beaten Rick and an angry Carl search for supplies and shelter.

    5. Rick picks ups his iconic hatchet from the comics in a BBQ restaurant.

    6. I'm pretty sure that bread's gone moldy by now, Carl. :eek:

    7. Michonne is on Rick and Carl's trail. :)

    8. Carl swearing at Rick is embarrassing. Couldn't AMC make an exception for this episode and let Carl drop a few F-bombs? :mad:

    9. Carl ties a clove hitch not to secure the door and tells Rick, "Shane taught me, remember him?" :p

    10. This episode wastes the opportunity for Carl to confront Rick about Lori's affair with Shane. :mad:

    11. Michonne's nightmare about her past life is effective. :eek:

    12. Carl goes outside to kill some walkers, and nearly get's bit.

    13. Michonne (and her pets) walk amongst a herd and sees a walker similar to her. :eek:

    14. Carl rant's at an unconscious Rick about his failure to protect Judith and the group. "I'd be fine if you died." Um, about that Carl....o_O

    15. Carl nearly gets bit again, this time for a large jar of pudding. :rolleyes:

    16. Michonne slaughters the herd and her pet walkers. :cool:

    17. Rick finally wakes up at night; Carl thinks he's turned, but is too afraid to put him down. :eek:

    18. "It's for you." Michonne reunites with Carl and Rick. :cool:

    Good episode; its another one that hints that Carl will be the group's future leader, but that never came to be. :mad:
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  11. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 10, "Inmates"

    1. The episode starts with Daryl and Beth running from walkers in the woods. In retrospect, I don't think the monologue of Beth writing in her diary was necessary, especially since it never happened before.

    2. Daryl and Beth search for the kids Luke and Molly; more characters we've never met before, but are suddenly important. :p

    3. Did anybody else see those dead bunnies in that log? :eek:

    4. At a railroad track, Daryl kills walkers feasting on some corpses. Beth notices a small shoe and realizes the corpses were Luke and Molly. :eek:

    5. Tyreese saved Judith and is making his way through the woods with Lizzie and Mika.

    6. That night in camp, Lizzie sees some bunnies in a log and kills them! :eek:

    7. Tyreese is put in a tight spot: leave the girls to defend themselves, or save potential survivors from the prison.

    8. The comic book Tyreese would've torn through those walkers in under 5 seconds. :mad:

    9. Lizzie tries to suffocate Judith! :eek:

    10. Carol is back! :cool:

    11. Dude has his jugular torn out, but blood doesn't spurt out, he doesn't go into shock, and he manages to pass along information crucial to the plot. :rolleyes:

    12. "Terminus: Sanctuary for all. Community for all." Don't believe everything you read, folks. o_O

    13. Why is Bob suddenly optimistic? :confused:

    14. "What about Beth, Maggie?" :confused:

    15. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob find the school bus, and they let out the walkers to see if Glenn is one of them.

    16. The bullet Bob fired to kill that walker should've killed Maggie, too. :rolleyes:

    17. The scene of Maggie breaking down with joy upon discovering Glenn wasn't in the bus is good. :cool:

    18. Glenn wakes up in the prison. Good scenes of Glenn's intellect, gathering up riot armor and supplies.

    19 Glenn finds a guilty Tara, who wants to stay behind and die. Tara also mentions her sister Lilly let the herd tear herself apart. :eek:

    20. Glenn and Tara escape the prison.

    21. Glenn is shocked by the news of Hershel's death, and calls him "A great man".

    22. Introduction of Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Obligatory shot of the cover to TWD#53. :p

    Good episode; it's the first of the "It's a Small World" formulas that appeared in TWD's later seasons, but it works here.
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  12. Poor Mika

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    A great a season when each one was a delight to watch. I miss those days. Also, I think it's such a shame that you are doing your detailed analysis in times when about 5 people are probably reading it. But thanks anyway. I enjoy your synopsises :)
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  13. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 11, "Claimed"

    1. Glenn and Tara are on a road trip with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

    2. Fast walkers become slow walkers. o_O

    3. Carl and Michonne start a friendship. :D

    4. Carl and Michonne go in search of supplies while Rick stays behind to rest. Carl's pistol is suddenly out of ammo, so Rick loans his son his service revolver. :rolleyes:

    5. Michonne starts opening up to Carl, and tells him about her infant son. :(

    6. Michonne starts a game: she'll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and after they've cleared it. :D

    7. Rick is awakened by the Claimers! :eek:

    8. Rick manages to hide under the bed before one Claimer enters and takes a nap.

    9. Michonne reveals her son's name was Andre Anthony. :(

    10. Michonne's discovery of the murders/suicide in the child's room is eerie. :eek:

    11. Carl reveals to Michonne that he named Judith.

    12. Two Claimers fight over the bed. The first one spots Rick under the bed before he's rendered unconscious. :eek:

    13. Glenn wakes up in the truck bed. Tara: "Yeah, we passed a school bus 3 hours ago, was that important?" :confused:

    14. Abraham hates backseat drivers. :D

    15. Abraham reveals they're "on a mission" to get Eugene to Washington D.C.. Eugene's a scientist and he knows what caused the virus.

    16. Glenn and Abraham fight. Walkers show up and Eugene shoots a few along with the truck.

    17. The recoil from that submachine gun should've made it strike Tara's face. :rolleyes:

    18. Abraham has some unique curses. o_O

    19. Rick tries to sneak out of the house, just as the Claimers notice someone's been there recently.

    20. First appearance of Joe, the Claimer's leader.

    21. Rick bumps into a Claimer in the bathroom. :eek:

    22. The Claimer is using the toilet...but his pants are on? o_O

    23. Rick strangles the Claimer and leaves him to turn.

    24. Rick obtains his iconic wool-collared jacket from the comics. :cool:

    25. Abraham reluctantly agrees to help Glenn find Maggie.

    26. The dead Claimer turns, helping Rick escape the house and reunite with Carl and Michonne.

    27. Rick, Carl, and Michonne find a map to Sanctuary, and decide to go there.

    Great episode, lots of tension balanced out by Carl and Michonne's burgeoning friendship. :cool:
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  14. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 12 "Still"

    The debut of Emo Daryl. :mad:
  15. Rapscallion

    Rapscallion Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    TWD, S4, EP 13, "Alone"

    1. The episode starts with a flashback of Bob, wandering alone, avoiding walkers, drinking cough syrup for the alcohol.

    2. Bob is found by Daryl and Glenn, who ask him the infamous "three questions". Bob answers, and Daryl and Glenn ask if he'll come along; Bob agrees.

    3. Modern day. Bob, Sasha, and Maggie fight off a group of zombies. Bob gets bit on the shoulder, but some of Glenn's luck rubbed off him, because he was bit on the bandage Sasha applied a few episodes ago.

    4. Daryl gives Beth a lesson in tracking.

    5. Beth: "I'm getting pretty good at this. Pretty soon I won't need you at all." That's gratitude for you. :rolleyes:

    6. Beth tries to sneak up on a cop walker that still has its gun in its holster, but her foot get's caught in a trap.

    7. Daryl saves Beth, and of course, she doesn't say thank you. o_O

    8. I liked Bob, but I don't get his sudden positive attitude. He's been trying to drink his fears and actions away, now the prison is lost and "the rum has gone". Bob ought to be a liability to Sasha and Maggie.

    9. Daryl gives Beth a piggyback ride. I guess Gimple heard about those teenage Bethyl shippers. :rolleyes:

    10. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob discover a map to Sanctuary. Maggie immediately says Glenn could've gone there. Uh, excuse me, Maggie, but what about Beth? :mad:

    11. Daryl and Beth enter a funeral home, and find a well stocked kitchen. Daryl has concerns about the place, but I'll allow that hunger and fatigue have worn him down.

    12. Sasha has the mentality that Bob ought to have.

    13. Daryl lays in a coffin while listening to Beth play the piano. How badly do you think Gimple wished he could close that coffin and nail it shut? :D

    14. Sasha and Bob wake up to discover Maggie has gone to Terminus. Bob insists they can catch up to her.

    15. Maggie kills a walker. Just because. :p

    16. Bob: "Self awareness is a beautiful thing." Yes it is, Bob. But so is character consistency. :D

    17. Daryl meets a dog with one eye. :cool:

    18. Daryl thinks the dog triggered the alarm he rigged up outside, and inadvertently lets a group of walkers into a funeral home! :eek:

    19. Daryl orders Beth to get out of the funeral home while he lures the walkers away from her.

    20. Trapped in the basement, Daryl manages to fight his way past the walkers. As a Daryl fan, this was one of the scariest moments in TWD history. :eek:

    21. Daryl gets outside, but discovers Beth's been kidnapped and taken away inside a car with a white cross painted on the rear windshield. :eek:

    22. Daryl runs after Beth's kidnappers despite the odds of ever catching up to them. :cool:

    23. Daryl comes to a fork in the road. With no idea which path to chose, Daryl collapses in exhaustion and grief. :(

    24. Bob and Sasha split up. He kisses her and continues on the path to Terminus.

    25. Sasha moves into an abandoned building when she looks outside and sees Maggie, which was pretty freaky. :eek:

    26. Maggie fights off walkers with Sasha's help. :cool:

    27. Even covered in blood, Maggie looks hot. :cool:

    28. Daryl is found by the Claimers.

    29. Maggie and Sasha catch up with Bob.

    30. Glenn discovers a map leading to Terminus

    Great episode, with each group getting equal amounts of time. I'm just annoyed by Bob's positivity and I'm angry that Maggie has completely forgotten about Beth. :mad:

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